5 Themes of geography: AUSTIN

Gabs Escalante

Texas Longhorn Django Walker


This picture shows what Austin is most famous for, being self proclaimed live music capitol of the world! As you should already know, Austin hosts hundreds and hundreds of concerts each year. The most famous events in Austin are Austin City Limits (ACL), and South by South West (SXSW). Many people come to Austin for the amazing culture, and Longhorn football, but mostly they come for the live music!


This picture shows Austin in a great way. It displays how amazingly fun Austin is, and shows one of many rivers, lakes and natural springs. Austin is unlike most other places, because of the fact that it has so many natural springs, that are so awesome and fun to swim in!


These pictures show some of the different regions Austin is in. The Big 12 is a sports conference, consisting of colleges around the southern part of the U.S.. Austin has a team, the University of Texas Longhorns, my personal favorite. Austin is part of Texas, which is part of the south western states. Getting in even more detail, Austin is part of Travis county, Lake Travis, and many other wonderful places.


Austin is located just a few miles north east of San Antonio, if your talking about relative location. The other hand Austin is located at 30 degrees 16' North and 97 degrees 45' West, for absolute location. So now you know, where Austin is located whether it be relative location, or absolute.

Human Environment Interaction

In Austin, in order to keep one lake up, and another one lower, we have the Mansfield Dam. This dam is between Lake Travis and Lake Austin, Lake Travis feeds into Lake Austin, giving it water whenever it is needed. This picture is when Lake Travis was flooded (now its in a major drought), so they would open multiple gates in the dam, making water shoot through into Lake Travis.

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For this Smore, I used my knowledge of austin and google maps.