Ayla Kovner

Aspiring Imagineer

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A photo of the Student Astronaut Club, my life in high school. (I'm third from the left, FYI.)

A Little Bit About Me...

I'm eighteen and a little bit of a nerd. As a Disney enthusiast, I am majoring in Computer Science to one day become an Imagineer. My favorite thing to do in High School was be a part of our NASA Club's competing team.

Something I'd consider unique about myself is that I was born in China but I was adopted, therefore I am Chinese without actually knowing a thing about culture or history, past what you learn in school.

EXCEL and Me

Interestingly enough, I didn't decide to be in EXCEL so much as I discovered I was at my Orientation. I'd been pushed to enter the first round of application (thanks mom), but then I never continued with it.

Still, now that I'm in it, I'm hoping to have more opportunities. The lectures sound like they're going to be interesting, and as I've already met some awesome people, hopefully there will be more of those, too.