Leah Thorsen Laurent-7

Judy's Traits

Love is one of Judy's traits. She is looking for love because she is neglected by her father. Judy feels like he father doesn't like her anymore because she is sixteen years old. To find love she hangs out with the bad crowd, which brings us to her second trait, Rebellious. Judy becomes a rebellious girl because she is trying to get her fathers attention. She feels like if she is rebellious it will get her father to notice her more so then she doesn't feel hated by him.

Judy's Main Problems

Judy has problems which causes her to be a rebel. Judy is a girl of sixteen years of age. For being so young Judy has experiences with make up that he dad does not necessarily agree with. With family problems with her dad Judy decides to take a more rebellious turn in her life and during Judy's rebellious stage she finds love along the way.

Judy and Her Friends

Judy's Resolution

In all the things that happened in Judy's life she was able to find a way through it. She learned from her rebel period. Through the death of her friend Plato, Judy saw that there was another way to go with life. Now that Judy has Jim in her life she can live a happy life because all she wanted was to be loved.


The mansion is a symbolism of the rebels home life. They say how much they hate their family, but then they play house at the mansion. It symbols how they think their families act.


Belonging and Family is a big theme. It is an important one because all Judy wants is to feel loved by her father. Being neglected by her father makes Judy feel like she does not belong, which is why she hangs out with the bad crowd.


Why does Judy hang out with the bad crowd?

Judy hangs out with the bad crowd because she feels neglected by her father. She does not feel like he loves her anymore. Judy then hangs out with the bad crowd to try and get her father's attention because all she wants is to feel loved.