Think Before Wasting Water

By Elisa Stratton

Water is one of the basic survival for our bodies. We use water in many ways like drinking, having fun, cleaning and much much more. Water comes from a cycle called the water cycle which goes through 3 main stages evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The first one is evaporation when the sun heats up the water and it evaporates up into the air. Second is condensation where the water forms a cloud. Finally precipitation where it rises and gets colder which causes the clouds to shrink and the water to fall out.

Don’t be One of These People!

Water is wasted in many ways by humans having no sense of what might happen for over using water for unnecessary things. Much of the water wasted comes from gardens like using the sprinklers unnecessarily (using the sprinklers for a hour uses up to 1000L). If your going to be one of these people think again.

Consequences of Wasting Water

Our survival is based on water. If we kept using water up there would be an enormous drought and the earth would become dry and lifeless. If we were to keep using to much water this might happen! Many animals need water to survive even your pets need it so think before you waste.

Take Action

Before you have a long shower or put the sprinklers on, remember that everyone needs water so try to encourage people to take part in using less water. Think about the consequences of using too much water. So start taking action for the future.

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