My Trip

i Have $70,000.00 To spend! Turn Up!!

Where i've been and how much i've spent


  • Flight- Roundtrip Delta $475

  • Room- Club House Riu Ocho Rios $1,854.10

  • Food Alfred's ocean palace $85.50

TOTAL: $2,414.06


  • Flight/Transportation- flight+car package trip $583.87

  • Room- king bed Deluxe room with city view $1,287.72

  • Food- Richmond Station $75.20

TOTAL: $1,946.79


  • Flight- KLM $3,069

  • Hotel-Sofia marseille vieux-port $708

  • Food- O'bidul $18

TOTAL: $3,795.00

New Orleans

  • Transportation-Drive,Gas $250

  • Food- Po boy $5.36

  • Clubs-Bourbon Street $Free

  • Boat Trip- $25

TOTAL: $280.36


  • Flight- American $438

  • Hotel-the Rt. Regis Atlanta $1,365

  • Museum- Martin Luther king national history

  • Food- Canoe $40

TOTAL: $1,843.00


  • Flight- united $531

  • Hotel- Lancaster $564

  • Food- Uchi- $25-$100

  • Fun- Houston Zoo $15

TOTAL: $1,210.00


  • Hotel- holiday inn express panama $222

  • Flight-united $2,009

  • Rental car- $128.34

  • Food- $55.73

TOTAL: $2,415.07

  • Bahamas

    • Flight+room- Nassau Junkanoo resort $3729.96

    • Fun+food - dolphins,dining $300

    TOTAL: $4,029.96

    Western Caribbean Cruise

    • Gas to Texas- $250

    • Cruise- $1865.00

    TOTAL: $2,115.00


    • flight- $530

    • room- The Grand Del Mar $1488

    • food- Genwa $20-$45

    • Fun- $250.40

    TOTAL: $2,313.40

    Grand Total: $22,362.62

    - $70,000.00


    $47,637.38 left to spend !

My Journal ! Turn UPPP


the smell of fresh salt water fills my nose. sand from the resort beach fills around my toes. i hear the drums playing and the trees blowing. the strong accents of the people sounds of beautiful. i taste the clean wind, it taste of freedom. the cold ocean on hot day touches my feet and comes up to my knees. i love jamaica. jamaica loves me.

new orleans.

beads everywhere different colors different sizes. on bourbon street the smell of op boys and oysters smells so good! i had to get a taste of their squares. i step into a music hall on borban street and the lovely sound of a piano and trumpet fills my ears as i tap my toe. i'm coming back to new orleans.


City of music i love the breeze. i enjoy a shopping spree at the underground mall then walk across the street to the coke cola mall. the sun is bright and the people is nice. the olympics water park was filled with kids and parents. ice cream and ice shavings being sold. the sound of laughters made me love life and the taste of lemonade made me cool down.


BRIGHT LIGHTS! this big city is where i love to be. downtown houston texas. at the galleria mall i spend spend and spend. the food at papados is amazing. the shrimp, the catfish straight out the water with new orleans seasoning, lemon water yummmmmmm. the skyline at night is the best. green lights, purple lights, pink this reminds me of new orleans mardi gra. sweet cheese cake with chocolate as rich as oprah and jay z combined. yea thats rich. i will be back soon 305!

western caribbean cruise

12am on the road driving to galveston texas to board our get away to paradise with my Husband Austin Gardner. next day we board our big ship and head straight to our suit. our room selled like fresh cream and leamons. oh how sweet it smelled . the lobby air was filled with good smelling catfish, crispy chicken, homemade pizza, sushi, they had everything i wanted. this will be the best cruise ever, since im with my baby.

Atlanta show!