Persevering Under Pressure

What is persevering under pressure and what does it do?

Nobody ever wants to carry the stress of others expectations on their shoulders. Sadly,this happens all too often. People place expectations on others to help them when they want or need something, or to fix something that has gone wrong. This unnecessary stress is placed on them causing them to experience guilt for their relentlessness and complete actions that can be overwhelming and cause the victim to not partake in anything but the time consuming activity and their daily responsibilities. The pressure can become too much and lead to shocking consequences. These are common struggles for one who has pressure to persevere.

Of course it is reasonable to expect little things like brushing your teeth but for kids featured in the movie the race to nowhere the abundance of responsibilities given to them is almost unbearable. Tons of homework and schoolwork are poured onto them as they race for perfection. Perfection doesn't come easily, some have to spend all night completing what is expected and are forced to turn down social activities. What makes it even worse is they aren't learning at all. They don't get to have interactive and creative lesson to expand their thinking. They become “script taught doctors and lawyers” instead of out of the box thinkers. Another example of pressure to persevere is in the book Warriors the New Prophecy: moonrise by Erin Hunter. Multiple cats, including one of the current main characters, StormFur, are told that their destiny is to save a whole tribe of cats lives by killing a vicious, blood thirsty creature with the name of Sharptooth. StormFur feels terrible for letting down the whole tribe but if he does he’d be putting his life, as well as his closest friends,in danger. Pressure can affect an individual in surprising amounts, even to the point of giving up something treasured, or even their happiness to prevent letting them down.

Sadly, some don't show their unhappiness with the situation. Telling someone you are unhappy with the current situation can cause anger, damaged relationships, distrust, and failure. Facing this is challenging do to the possibilities of this occurring. Forgiveness and understanding is definitely possible but the fear conquers the hope and scares the victim away. Another thing that scares the victim is the consequences of not completing the action. Because of all the reasons stated pressure to persevere is a stressful, possibly harmful way to persevere.

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Statistics - what do they mean?

The statistics above show data gathered form students in a classroom. They show that pressure to succeed is the most common among this particular group of seventh graders. Half of them find it unpleasant while a little over one fourth of them find it unpleasant some of the time. this leaves less than a fourth finding it completely bearable, proving that this is most commonly stressful among the class.

Acknowledging the problem

How is it different?

How might persevering under pressure be different than just persevering? There is a lot that makes it different. Some of these things include motivation. Persevering has a motive behind it. Usually this motive is for a gain. equality, acceptance, and success are all common motives to persevere. When you have pressure to persevere these motives are often for the sake of others and do not benefit themselves. This is much different than persevering as a group. In a group everyone is there for support or gain. Support is a different thing than complete reliance. When You support someone you are helping and guiding them and it is given to you in return. When someone is completely relying on you are left to do something to please others, and have very little help and guidance compared to persevering in a group.

Characteristics of these types of perseverance can, oddly, be quite similar or different depending on how you look at it. Characteristics of Persevering are often passion, ambition, resilience, resolve, determination directed towards a goal. Persevering in a group is often exactly like this except for you are doing it for the sake of a large group. Persevering under pressure often displays stress, determination, and in some cases, relentlessness, passion, and/or nobility, which can also be displayed in plain perseverance. These are often hard to compare because of the inconsistencies in feelings about participation.

Though persevering under pressure can differ from multiple types of persevering in many ways, it is actually quite similar. The action is the same. The most significant things that differ are motive and feelings as well as characteristics. In its simplest form, Persevering under pressure is persevering, just with a different outcome.

How it happens and how to fix it

Pressure to persevere is beyond common. First, a responsibility (or something else) is placed onto and individuals shoulders. This can be school, sports, and/or popularity. all of these things cause pressure. The individual becomes stressed from this and feel like a board with too much weight placed on it. The weight causes tension, the tension rips apart the bored. The thing is the board can talk. You can see the effects, but can never really tell when the board will break, and can't take anymore.

How can you fix this problem? In Real Boys by William Pollack Adam faces pressure to persevere. First, he moves to a new school. Soon after, Adam gets bullied. His grades fall and after this his mother grows suspicious because of his falling grades and constant injuries as well as his glum mood. She consults a counselor at his school who also noticed his odd behavior and they talk about it. finally, Adam confesses to his mother what has really been going on. He was pressured to persevere through the bullying to fit the image of masculinity and nobility that seemingly every boy needs to have. William pollock writes an article about fixing this for the boys, which is not as easy at it seems. Maybe, this solution can work for all types people who are pressured to persevere.

Williams solution, suggests, that you should prepare the potential victim for the possible pressure that may affect them. Next, pollock states that because the victim “unwillingly adheres” to their responsibility their agitation often goes unseen as a usually part of society that we have all grown accustomed to. To help them, you must prioritize their feelings and make them know that their opinion matters. Pollock urges not to emphasize and directly address suspicions, but to show the importance of their feelings, and wait for the victim to trust you enough to bring it up themselves, and believe they thought of it. After this, you can address the initial problem and come up with an individual solution based on the situation. Resolving these problems aren't always easy, but it makes it so much better for those who constantly feel the pressure of others. Persevering under pressure is hard. Everyone has to face it but you can do it together.