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The Theme

Eragon is about believe in yourself and achieving the impossible.

Main Characters

Eragon-The main character. The story revolves around his findings and his development

Brom- Once Eragon's uncle died Brom stepped in as a father like figure. He also doubled as his Trainer since he too was a Dragon Rider.

Galbatorix-The motivation for Eragon/The evil character in the story. Galbatorix is the "Evil King" who killed Eragon's uncle, and Eragon is desperate to find him and slay him.

Saphira- Eragon's Dragon. She plays a major role in the story because she can speak to Eragon through his head. Eragon and Saphira learn to connect during the story.


Eragon is a poor Farm boy that lives in a small town on the brim of Alegaesia. One day while hunting he finds a mysterious rock in the woods. He brings it home to soon find out its a Dragon egg. The egg hatched and imprinted on Eragon, claiming him as it's rider. Eragon spends a few months training himself and his new Dragon who he calls Saphira, to search for and kill Galbatorix, the man who killed his uncle. On his travels he encounters many obstacles, overcoming all of them as he develops his skills.


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