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Crestomere School - Grade One - May Newsletter

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Happy May to You!

We are finally seeing the beautiful weather we have been waiting for! I hope it stays :)

April was such a great month! It was jam packed with so many exciting things including the No Secrets program, the Spring concert, Teacher's Pet, and so much more.

Looking ahead, May will be just as exciting! We have mental health week, a rock band performance, Parent conferences, the Jump Rope for Heart assembly, Track Meet Day, and our field trip! Should make for another awesome month :)

Note: We will be making our final Building Things project on Thursday, May 19th. Please see below for more info.

In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can!

Important Dates

Mental Health Week - Monday, May 2nd - Thursday, May 5th

Monday, May 4th - Keep learning and gratitude

Tuesday, May 5th - Give back to others

Wednesday, May 6th - Awareness - FREE HAT DAY!, Rock band performance

Thursday, May 5th - Be active - WEAR GREEN DAY!

Friday, May 6th - PD day, no school for students

Wednesday, May 11th - Book orders due, Jump Rope For Heart assembly, Meatballs and rice hot lunch

Thursday, May 19th - Grade 9 Farewell - 7:00 pm, FINAL BUILDING DAY - MORE INFO BELOW!

Friday, May 20th - PD day, no school for students

Monday, May 23rd & Tuesday, May 24th - May long weekend, no school

Monday, May 30th - Field trip - Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, Bower Ponds, & Safety City, Social take home assignment due

Words Their Way!

Book Order

May's book order is due on Wednesday, May 11th

Learning about the Tower Garden

Thank you parents!!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our parents for everything that you have done. It makes my job so much easier knowing we have the support from home! Thanks so much :)
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Moving Forward From the Past - Homework assignment

I will be sending home an at home Social Studies as part of our Moving Forward from the past unit. It will be sent home next week and is due on Monday, May 30th.

May Fundraiser - Schools in Nepal

For the month of May, the school is doing a school wide fundraiser for the earthquake stricken areas of Nepal. Mrs. Mueller will be travelling there this summer to spend time with her daughter (who is working there). She will be bringing the funds and some supplies to the schools that have been ruined.

This is how the challenge works: Students will work together as one big team to raise money and hit challenge goals. The goals are as follows:

For $500:

  • Mrs. Harink will be covered in syrup and feathers
  • Mr. Strom will shave his hair into a mohawk
  • Ms. Howell will dye her hair blue

For $1000:

  • Mrs. Mueller will be hit by dodge balls for 5 minutes
  • Myself and Mrs. G. will do an air band performance on the stage in front of the whole school

For $1500:

  • Miss Bowie will be duct taped to the gym wall
  • Mr. Mansbridge will dress like a woman for a day (including a dress, make up, and all the accessories)

For $2000:

  • The teachers will spend one night on the roof of the school

Any monetary donation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for supporting such a great cause :) Money will be collected from now until June 1st.

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What's coming for the month of May . . .

Language - Word Study

For the month of May, we will be continuing with SMART start to build our word recognition. We will also be continuing with our Words Their Way word work program which is focusing on sorting words into categories. The students have been put into groups and are doing a great job at the tasks so far :)

Language - Reading

For the month of May, we will also be reviewing fluency and practicing to make our reading smooth. We will be focusing on the main idea in the stories we read. Please focus on this when doing the home reading program with your child at home.

Language - Writing

For writing, we will be continuing with conventions and nonfictional writing about our lives.


From now until the rest of the year, we will be focusing on our addition and subtraction facts to 20. With this, we will still be working on skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's as well. We will be doing math games and activities to practice these skills :) We will continue with story problems for both addition and subtraction and will be starting to look at shapes!

Please, please, please take the time to review math with your child at home! I promise it will pay off!

Science & Social Studies

We will be working on the signs of Spring and continuing with Building Things as well :) It will be an awesome month! We will also start on the Needs of Plants and animals too!

For Social Studies, we are continuing with weekly class meetings and will also be looking at moving forward from the past. Should make for some fun :)

Health & Life Skills

For the rest of the year, we will be focusing on community safety. Our field trip to Safety City and the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame will be great for our Health curriculum!

This Building Things unit is so fun!

Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, Bower Ponds, and Safety City!

Please make sure you send your child's permission form back to the school by Monday, May 16th! Please make sure you pay the $20.00 fee for the trip online as well :)

Stay tuned for field trip reminders closer to the date!

Ewww... Goo!!


We will be part of the Elementary Track and Field day held at our school this year! We will be spending the day on teams completing fun and exciting activities! Parents are welcome to come to watch your child participate :) More info to come!

School Yard Clean Up For Earth Day

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Attention Future Kindergarteners!

Know a little one ready for Kindergarten? We are now taking registrations for the 2016-2017 Kindergarten year! Please contact Ms. Thrun in the office for more information :)


We're in need of volunteers! We need a minimum of 6 volunteers to make this a day a go :)

Date: Thursday, May 19th

Time: 9:00 - 12:15 pm

Who: Anyone willing to help us build our houses! More info to come :) If you are interested in helping us, please let me know! The more the merrier :)


~ Please do not buy anything for this event - things you don't need only :) The more we have, the more the students have to choose from :) All items that aren't used will be recycled.

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Parent Section :) FYI!

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Want to make sure your child is on track? Please help ensure your child can successfully do the following on their own:

-adding and subtracting to 20 (with numbers to 12 fluently)

-understanding of beginning number sense language (definition of addition, subtraction, and equal and unequal groups language used)

-recognize and print numbers to 20 (without being backwards)

-can describe and apply the counting on, make 10, and doubles addition strategies and how to use them in subtraction to 20

-write 5 simple sentences (for example - I can see a brown cat playing) using the smiley sentences checklist!

-can recognize and create rhyming word pairs (eg. cat and hat)

-can apply the beginning, middle and end aspects of a story to one of their own

-can print and copy a sentence accurately

  • Beginning: introduces the characters in the story and the setting
  • Middle: introduces a problem a character/characters must overcome
  • End: introduces the resolution to the problem and wraps up the story

-can write a simple story independently (without assistance) - not just sentences but an actual story.

-can list different types of materials: paper, wood, plastic, etc. and know what common things are made of (a pencil is made of wood, metal and rubber).