Weekly Warrior

Volume 8 Issue 4 Nov 28th, 2016

Important Dates

Nov 29th-9th MAP Testing Through Math Classes
Nov 30th-9th MAP Testing Through Math Classes
Dec 1st-Distribute #iLearnPulaski assignments for Days 1-5 to ALL students (Give folders out during 3rd block)
Dec 1st-Clubs 8:20 - 8:40
Dec 2nd-Second Junior Class ACT Prep Session @SCC
Dec 6th-3 Week RTI Reports Due to Department Chair
Dec 6th-10th MAP Testing Through English Classes
Dec 8th-10th MAP Testing Through English Classes
Dec 10th-National ACT date
Dec 13th-Winter Mock ACT for ALL Juniors
Dec 16th-Last day for Students before Christmas Break

December 1st--#iLearnPulaski

Thursday, December 1st is the date that our iLearnPulaski assignments need to be sent home with students. In order to have consistency throughout all classes, please send all 5 assignments home with ALL students, even those who plan to access the website to complete their work. Students will be given folders marked specifically for iLearnPulaski assignment collection during their 3rd block class. Please ask students to collect the assignments from all of their classes and keep them in this folder together so that they are prepared if we have an iLearnPulaski day. These folders also contain directions for students to access the website if they have plans to complete the assignment online.

Junior ACT Student Session on Friday, December 2nd @SCC

On Friday, December 2nd, ALL juniors will attend an ACT study session on the campus of Somerset Community College. Please make your students aware of this opportunity to prepare for the ACT and encourage them to take full advantage. Students will board the bus after attendance is taken and will return by 2:30. Lunch will be provided for students and session leaders at SCC. On Tuesday, December 13th, Junior students will sit for their 2nd mock ACT test here at SWHS. Once we have these scored, we will be able to find what each student can work on to improve their ACT scores in March of 2017.

Peer Observations--Coming Soon!

The purpose of Peer Observation is for teachers to receive formative feedback from a peer to help improve their practice. The Peer Observation is only shared between the teacher/peer and is an opportunity for teachers to engage in collegial conversations concerning pedagogical practice. If you are a teacher in your summative year, your Peer Observer should contact you and complete an observation sometime before Christmas break. If you are unsure whether or not you are in your summative year, see your principal to ask.


As mentioned at the beginning of the school year, our monthly Faculty and PLC meetings will not be held during the months of November and December. We will have Department meetings during these months, on the 2nd Wednesday. The dates for those meetings are 11/16 and 12/14 (not the 3rd Wednesday, schedule change due to Christmas break).

Each teacher will bring graded On Demand student writing samples to their December department meeting to discuss, so remember to practice with a prompt in at least 1 class of your choice sometime between now and the December meeting.
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Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.