How To Make A Lego Movie

Lego movie


Have you ever wanted to Lego with friends?

Well I am here.

Lets get started! _______________________________________>


: filmaker

: lego

: setup

: accesories


1 grab wat ever you need to film

2 grab a 20 of lego and alot of accesories

3 make your set

4 ask friends for help

5 now start seting up

6 lifte up your filmaker

7Get in to stop motion

8 Press the make a new movie button

9 Move what ever you are using to film in the right place

10 Preses the button to take a picures of every small move met it takes

So if he looks left or right it should be relly small move met To look right or left.

11film scene 1

12f ilm scene2

13Film scene 3...4...5... And more