More Powerful Steam Engine

Invented By James Watt

The Steam Engine is a efficient way of travel. This product is perfect for manufacturers of trains and cars. This engine will replace animal powered vehicles. The engine will allow the world to communicate easier and life will be easier.

The engine's price starts at $2,000

There are other models of the engine for different types of transportation. The engine can be bought at select auto shops. You can also buy parts.

"My life would be awful without my steam powered engine. I don't know how I would ever travel without it. I don't even know how I could stay patient in an animal powered vehicle." -Happy Customer

Watt's Improvements

In 1763, James Watt repaired a steam pump made by Thomas Newcomen. Watt noticed that Newcomen's pump was not size proportional. He then fixed this issue and created a more efficient, and faster engine. Powered by coal, the engine burns the coal sending steam through a cylinder causing a piston to move back and forth. The burning of the coal does give off a gas that will pollute the Earth.

The Steam Engine Background

The original steam pump was invented in 1698 by Thomas Savery. A iron monger named Thomas Newcomen made Savery's pump into a inefficient source of motive power.

About James Watt

James Watt was born on January 19, 1736 in Greenock, England. His main profession was making instruments. He was also an engineer.

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