The Most Important Figure in Greek Mythology


In an article on Tales Beyond Belief, the story on the site was written by Emma M. Firth, Prometheus proves to be the most significant figure in greek mythology that portrays an image that is sacrificial and merciful.


Prometheus was a titan who sided with the gods in the great Titan War. After the war, Zeus gave Prometheus the task of making man out of earth and water. Though Prometheus found man to be beautiful creatures, the gods looked at them as nothing more but lowly beings, and left them on earth to take care of themselves. Prometheus though, decided to help man by any means necessary.


For example, when he saw his creations living on earth, miserable and unhappy in the cold, eating raw food, and getting sick, he stole fire from the gods to give to man as a tool.


“One day he looked down upon the earth, and saw that men were neither as wise nor as happy as they might be; and he determined to help them by doing a daring deed” (Firth).


This shows how Prometheus grew fond of humans and wished to help them, even when the very gods, left the beings that worshipped them, to fend for themselves. He saw man as beautiful beings who deserved life, not creatures he made out of mud who should suffer.

Animation: The ancient myth of Prometheus


Prometheus is the most important figure in greek mythology because of his selfless deed. Though despite him not being as regonized as much as he should, he proves himself to be the actual figure humans should’ve worshipped, the gods never thought man as beings, just lowly animals that bow at their feet. Prometheus though, found us worth it to save from eternal cold, despite punishment. Without him, and his gift, mankind would have simply shrivled up, and died in the freezing shadows, possibly without the gods noticing, or caring.

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