Andrew Jackson

The "Zero" of the Presidents of The U.S

Why is he the zero?

Andrew Jackson made innumerable mistakes during his presidency including, "The Trail of Tears, taking down the national bank, sending the US into a financial frenzy, and the tariffs placed during his time in office

The "Trail of Tears" was an act that relocated the Cherokees to a different area of the nation, if they chose not to assimilate (become civilized) with american society.

Andrew Jackson was obsessed with shutting down the national bank. This was his top priority and obviously it was poorly placed. with his focus on this specific task, there was no room for him to truly be fixing problems taking place in the nation.

The most memorable tariff placed while Andrew Jackson was in office was the Tariff of Abominations. This was placed to protect industry in the US, the southerners were the ones who gave it it's name because of the effect it had on their own industry. Not only did he place this tariff, but once south carolina threatened to secede he put the Us army on them.