S-V News!

Week of August 31-September 4

Homeroom Help

We are off to an amazing start of the school year! Students have been exploring procedures and expectations of the Panthers team last week. Even with a few glitches with Class Dojo, we are ready to earn points this week for good behavior and staying on task with schoolwork!

A few reminders:

1) Please return all school forms THIS WEEK! Lunch forms (if applicable), Student Code of Conduct for (located in the back of the booklet), & parent letters about your child.

2) Check out our online Scholastic bookclub orders section on Ms. Southerland's school website. Help us build our class library!

3) The school is still collecting box tops, please send those in yearlong!

4) Ms. Southerland's room tends to stay pretty cool, so please have students bring a jacket!

5) Please make sure to have students dress appropriately for P.E. this week, as they will be completing a health assessment.

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Language Arts, Social Studies, & Science with Ms. S!

Students completed pre-assessments last week, and we are collecting data to better serve students in small group instruction! This week we are diving into our read aloud; which is called Serafina & the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty. Students will be completing activities to further support this text in class! Our focus this week is: text structure! Students will be reading informational text about the Biltmore House which also ties in with the setting of our read aloud.

In Science, we are exploring Structures & Functions of Living Organisms. This week students will be working on activities for their interactive notebooks and participating in a lab on plants.

Homework has started this week! Please make sure students check iCal or the calendar linked to my class website for assignments. All assignments are found in Learn, and were reviewed in class Monday morning. Please ensure that students check regularly for assignments! All homework for Ms. S is due on Fridays and there will be weekly quizzes on vocabulary unless otherwise stated!

Math & Science with Mr. V!

Students have taken pre assessments last week, in order to give us an understanding of where they are heading into the new year. The next couple weeks we will begin to dive deeper into exponents(Goal 6.EE.1), and solving multistep equations (Goal 6.EE.2). As we start to move forward please check the calendar located on my webpage for homework assignments. As always please feel free to contact me via e mail with any questions or concerns.

Note from Mrs. Ranieri:

I am our classes EC teacher this school year. If your child has an IEP, I will be helping them out in Math and ELA. I am having fun getting to know your children. I look forward to working with them and helping them grow academically this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me anytime.