Alm's RevELLations

What's up in Miss Alm's ELL groups?

Time flies!

Wow! Time is flying by! We've done so many things in ELL!

Grade 3 Language

In 3rd grade, we've been working with grammar, learning to use a dictionary, and working with words. As of October 5th, we started reading the Haunted Hotel book in the A to Z Mysteries series. We are really enjoying the story and are having fun using all our reading skills.
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Grade 2 Language Groups

We are finishing up our 2nd story in Unit 1. In this story, we are reading about how parents help children learn. We've also worked with day to day vocabulary and pronouns. We continue to practice our short vowels with Words Their Way, and writing descriptive sentences that explain what we do.

Grade 1 Language Groups

We are also finishing up our 2nd story in the first Unit. In this story, we read about a caterpillar that met a tadpole. We've used vocabulary to described how they grow and change into butterflies and tadpoles. We've worked with short vowels, too! And are talking about adjectives and types of sentences (asking, telling, feeling).

Reading- Grade 1

We continue to work with the green LLI kit and have moved to Level B books. Some of us are doing very well, though we must be reminded to slow down when we read :). Others are coming along nicely, too! We have worked a lot with identifying beginning sounds.

Reading- Grade 2

Mr. C. is starting to really come along! He has shown nice growth in letter names and sounds and we are now reading level 1 books. He's got more skills than he's performing, so am looking forward to seeing him continue to grow!

Mr. O. is getting back into school mode! His fluency has more than doubled since school started. It is apparent his receptive skills are greater than his productive skills and we continue to work on correct pronunciation. We are almost through Level F books and will soon move to Level G!

Mr. S. is also getting back into the swing of things. He admitted he hadn't done any reading all summer and it's fun to see him improve. We have started reading Level F and he is showing marked improvement each day.

Reading- Grade 3

Last week, the boys met Buddy for the first time and were able to read to him individually yesterday! They both laid down to read, so that Buddy could see the pictures! Christie and Buddy do so much to help encourage our readers! It's awesome to see. We have moved up to read Level E books and are showing good progress. We are working on responsibility with bringing back our homework books, so we can continue growing.

Grade 4 Reading

Miss S. is amazing! We have quickly moved through Level G books and she shows greater skills each day! We move to Level H shortly and I have no doubt she will cruise right through! We've also had a chance to share in some chapter books from the library. We read "The Messenger Bag" and are now reading "The Star Key" together. She is a dedicated and diligent worker!