Giving Is The BEST Gift...

You can give yourself!

Our Ruby Red Holiday Charity Project

Every year I look for some way we can give back around the holidays. I love giving gifts and making people smile and feel loved. I really love giving gifts when it will change the course of someone's entire Christmas.

Yesterday we were watching the Polar Express and my son didn't understand why Santa never came to Billy's house (Billy's family lived in poverty). He asked if he was on the naughty list. I told him he wasn't on the naughty list and he said "then why wouldn't Santa go to his house?" I found myself not really knowing how to answer his question. How do you explain to a 5 year old that there are a lot of kids who don't get gifts on Christmas morning, not because they don't believe in Santa or they are on the naughty list, but because their mom & dad don't have the money to buy them. It broke my heart.

A Family In Need

When I heard about this local KC family in broke my heart too. I just can't imagine being faced with so many struggles. We are truly blessed with life, health, family, friends, work, love and gifts.

I posted on Facebook that I was looking for local opportunities to give back this holiday. Kim Valdivia, A Ruby Red Star, replied that she knew of a family in need. When I read this story I knew it was the perfect family for us, Team Ruby Reds.
After all, helping other women is what we do!

Antoinette's Story

Antoinette is a 23 year old young lady who has been working hard at doing all the right things. She wanted to break the cycle that she grew up in….not getting pregnant and rising above the struggle of poverty. Antoinette has worked hard at school and keeping up at her job.

However, when her mom died of cancer 6 months ago she was left to be guardian of her teenage siblings; Lamar, 18, who lives out of the home; Libby,16; and Destiny ,15. Shortly after she took guardianship of her siblings her niece was put into the Children's Division custody due to neglect by her mother. Her niece Summer, 13, was placed with her in foster care and Antoinette is pursing adoption for her niece as well.

Antoinette is still working hard and doing her best, but she is struggling to make ends meet as the caregiver to all 4 kids.

Antoinette is also working hard to complete her homestudy so she can become a licensed home and legally adopt all of them. Most of the free Holiday programs don't provide gifts for teens, only young kids so she is limited on assistance.

"She is an amazing woman, hard worker, resourceful and able to take on much more than I could ever imagine"- from her social worker

Here Are The Wish Lists

How YOU Can Make a Difference!

We are going to give this family everything on their lists this Christmas. The "wants" are far from anything more than our daily comforts. Let's make their Christmas BRIGHT!

As a team we are pooling our donations so we can shop for Antionette. We will gift wrap her gifts and then give her the gifts for the kids so she can wrap them. If we have money left we will give it to the family in the form of Price Chopper Gift Cards and/or Gas Cards.

Please Donate by FRIDAY, December 12th.
To donate you can paypal me at I can also do a credit card if you call me. Or you can mail me a check. If you want to mail a check please email me at to let me know how much you are sending. I'd like to go shopping for this family on Saturday. And I would LOVE some help doing the shopping :)

I thought if you gave at least $15-$25 we would have enough to buy all the gifts and groceries. If you can give more that's awesome. If you can't give that much please just give what you can. I understand many of you have already gifted to other families and causes.

If you are mailing a check please send it to:
Tara Renze
5016 W 141st Terr
Leawood, KS 66224

Thank YOU!

Thank you for being YOU. I love each and everyone of you. You have all changed my life for the better. I am so grateful for all of you. Together we do pretty amazing things. xoxo

Tara Renze

Star Director & Founding Leaders
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists