Options considered:

The University of Georgia

The University of West Georgia

Georgia Southern Unversity

I chose The Unversity of Georgia!

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It is located in Athens, Georgia

Contact Information:

2530 Sever Road

Lawernceville, Georgia

Phone: 678-985-6800


In-state: $8,028

Out of state: $26,238

Academic oppurtunities for me

Music Education

Music Composition

Early Childhood Education

Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Music education

Bachlor's Degree

Music Composition

Bachelor's Degree

College of Education

Early Childhood Education

Master's Degree

Easy on the eyes

I was browsing differnet degrees and journalism caught my eye. Since I can rememeber I have loved to write and perhaps being able to write for a magazine would be an option.

Grady College is where I would attend if I decided to go down the path of journalism.

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The Legend of the Arch

A wooden fence once protected the university from cows and other livestock. In 1858, the fence was replaced by the Arch and an iron fence. Legend has it that instead of opening the gate, freshmen were forced to climb over the barrier to leave campus. The gates were then stolen later. A student vowed not to go under until he graduated and a professor overheard. The professor procceded to tell his class and the tradition of not going under the arch until graduation began.
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