Woodland Media Center

December 2015

Refresh 2015!

Refresh is finally just around the corner! New laptops for teachers, iPad minis for grades K and one, and Chromebooks for grades two through five and Special Ed. On December 11th, ETS will be re-imaging your current teacher laptop into a student laptop for your room. On Monday, December 14th, Dell will be here to set up your new teacher laptop. The MC will be closed and classes will be held in your rooms.

Prior to December 11th, you will need to be sure you have saved any documents, flipcharts, photos, etc. from your current laptop to your home directory or a flashdrive. Directions will be coming on how to do this, as well as how to save your bookmarks/favorites from Chrome and IE.

On Thursday, December 3rd, we will offer a staff development in the Media Center on "Chromebook Basics". Chromebooks will be distributed at that time. The handouts you will be given can be made into posters (the old poster machine would be perfect for this) and hung in your rooms for student use. Sign up for the class on the Portal. Then on Tuesday, December 15th, we will have district training on using Windows 8, which is what your new laptops will run.

Cool Website for Videos

If you are a frequent user of YouTube, you know that there is a lot of extraneous material on the page when you show a video. Another bothersome thing about it is that sometimes other videos just start right up after the chosen one has finished. With the Safeshare website, you can open YouTube videos without either of those issues interfering. The website is www.safeshare.tv. You paste a YouTube video link into the box and click "Generate a Safe Link". Then click Submit to play. No worries about ads or inappropriate materials showing up on the side!

Winter Reading Challenge

The MC will sponsor a winter reading program where students will fill out a mitten reading log for each day that they read thirty minutes (for a minimum of nine days). This is voluntary and we will email the log to you so that you may print one for interested students. We will have a hot chocolate party after break for those who return their completed logs. Reading logs will be due January 5th.