soil conservation

why should we conserve soil?

About the soil,drought,and dust bowl

I will be talking about soil and how it could be based due to erosion, and what farmers do to conserve soil. When soil is exposed to wind and water it can carry soil away in the process of erosion. There is a few things that hold soil together like plants breaking the force of falling rain, and plants roots.

In times of droughts, the topsoil quickly turned to dust and blew away. Since the drought got bigger, the soil turned into dust, and this affected the Great Plains. Farmers and people started to appreciate the value of the soil, once the dust affected there lands. Now that people and farmers appreciate the soil, they have to adapt to new methods and other methods that have been practice for a long time. These methods are soil conservation, contour plowing, conservation plowing, and crop rotation.

how do farmers conserve soil?

Farmers have to adapt to a way were they take steps to conserve soil. Soil conservation is is a methods that farmers have to adapt to.Soil can be conserved through contour plowing, conservation plowing, and crop rotation. Plowing fields along the curves of a slop to prevent soil loss is called contour plowing. The next step for farmers is to do conservation plowing. Conservation plowing is a method in which the dead stalk from the prevouise year's crop and left in the ground to hold soil in place. Then the last step for farmers to do is the planting of different crops in a field each year to maintain their soil fertility .

Mariela Bermudez, & Celena Carrera