Social-Emotional Development

Birth-Age 2


-The quality and intensity of emotional reactions

-Passivity: how actively involved with surroundings

*passive withdraws from new things

*active responds to new things

-Irritability is tendency to feel distessed

-Activity patters are levels of varying movements


The strong emotional bond and connection that develops between people.

Changes Over time

Birth- 3 months

-General excitement (wiggling, smiling)

-General distress (crying)

3 months- 6 months

-Responds with smiling or laughing

-Notice and smile and at other babies

-Start to use different cries

6 months - 12 months

-Become actively involved with caregivers

-Show joy when played with

-Make sounds in response to speech

-Develop fear and attachment

-Separation anxiety begins

12 months- 24 months

-Still show separation anxiety

-Fear unfamiliar things

-Like to explore

-Interest in other kids/not much interaction

-Aware of their own abilities

-Begin to say "no"