Facebook Safety

How to keep yourself safe on Facebook

Five Ways To Keep Your Profile Safe

1. Understand the privacy settings on your profile

  • Change your settings so only your friends can see your personal information and photos.

2. Don't add people you don't know

  • If you add a stranger to your friends list, they have access to all of your personal information and can possibly steal your identity.

3. Limit use of applications

  • Think twice about taking any quizzes or polls that show up on your news feed.

4. Protect your location

  • Don't do a "check-in" at your home, a friend's home, or a family member's home. This would give away the location of you, your friends, and your family.

5. Don't over share

  • Be careful with how many photos and statuses you post. An investigation by news site Ars Technica shows that a "deleted" photo from Facebook can be found 16 months later.

Facebook Statistics

-Facebook has over 500 million users world wide

  • The United States alone has about 111,212,840

-Facebook has more users than the population of the United States

-The average user has 130 friends

-Over 600,000 Facebook profiles are hacked each day

-Identity fraud increased with the increase of social media sites