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Early childhood

All about me

I attend Schlagle High School and i also graduated from there too. My mom is from the Bahamas and my dad is from Texas. Meaning i am half Bahamian.

Contact information

My email is devinasanders2000@gmail.com

My address is 2214 N 59 St, Kansas City, KS 66104


I believe that a being a teacher or teaching kids is a good thing. When teachers start teaching kids at the beginning they dont really know them, but as they get to know them more and more, some teachers cant handle them because they didn't sign up for babysitting they signed up for actually teaching them.

Being a teacher can be a good thing. I want to be an early childhood teacher because i like helping kids. Its basically going to be babysitting them, but at the same time your going to be teaching them things. Also i might want to own a daycare which is basically like watching and teaching them.


Entering the classroom

  • Parents will put the student stuff in the cabbinet/ cubby. Then u will take the child. If the child us older than 3 then they will go to their seat. But if they are younger than 3 then i will put them in like a playpen on something like that
How the students will get help from the teacher

  • If you nee help you will raise your hand and someone will come to you. And if someone is helping someone you will have to wait and someone will be with you when they can.
How will they turn in work

  • Student will turn in the work by setting it on the table and i will come around and pick it up from them.And if they turn it in late then they will turn it in the late box.
How will students be dismissed for lunch

  • The student will line up at the door in a line quietly and then we will walk down the hall in a straight line

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Classroom Layout

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