Sea Port Protection Agency

What we do?

Our hope for this agency is to be able to protect our sea ports 100% ,and to be able to prevent anymore attempts at terrorism. Our plan is to achieve 100% security, yet be efficient and not slow down the current system.

Head Adviser

Mark Hersh ( has volunteered to head this agency)

Job: the head adviser will be in charge of supervising all ports, handling major issue or conflicts, press, meetings with government, head of all meetings between the lead of ports.

Budget for employees

We want to start this agency out with the top 20 sea ports in the United States.

Each port will have between 500 and 1,500 total employees depending on the size

therefore total funding for employees for one year would be:

  • head advisor- $200,000
  • head of ports- $1,400,000 to a absolute max. of $2,058,400
  • cargo workers- $315,00,000 to an absolute max of $945,000,000
  • communication worker- $100,000,000 to an absolute max of $300,000,000
  • Total employer budget is a min. of 416,500,000 to an absoluet max of 1,447,058,00

(These numbers are for all of the 20 ports combined)