The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Joseph Rice


April 20, 2010. It went on for eighty-seven days.


The oil spill occurred due to a wellhead blowout and faulty well cement.


Gulf Of Mexico near the Mississippi River Delta.

Coordinates: 28° 44′ 17.3″ N, 88° 21′ 57.4″ W

28.738139, -88.365944

How Was It Stopped:

Some workers had to physically scoop oil out of grass for oil that had washed up on shore. For oil still in the ocean, pom-pom like ropes were deployed to soak up the oil. These ropes then had to be anchored out with cranes.


More than 400 species were most likely permanently effected by the spill. Some scientists found deep sea coral being effected several miles from the site of the spill. Also, baby dolphin mortality rate was increased ten fold after the spill.