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The Week Ahead for the Week of September 7 -September 11

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Labor Day Holiday


Huskins to River Park

9:00 Meeting w/ district math coaches

12:30 Meeting

2:00 Meeting

2:45 Staff Meeting


Grade Level PLCs

Miller to River Park

2:45 Meeting

Nishie G's Night


8:oo Meeting

2:45 Meeting


Birthday Lunch

Chivers-White DO Meeting 9-11

Campbell DO Meeting 1-3

Sept 11- Special Moment of Silence and Announcement

School Committees

If you haven't signed up for your two committees please do so by the deadline.

Notes From Mrs. Chivers-White

MAP schedules have been emailed and placed on Canvas. If you have any questions, please see her.

Curriculum Corner

During my evaluation meeting Friday, we spent almost two hours analyzing data. Some of the data reviewed was district, school, and teacher MAP data. I will talk more about this in grade level PLC.
One thing I want to stress, as we prepare to begin MAP this week, is the importance for the students to do their best work during BOTH administrations of the test, Fall and Spring.
Students need to know it is just as important to do their best on the Fall test as well as the Spring test. Again, we will discuss this more when we look at Spring to Spring and Fall to Spring student growth in grade level PLC.


A "Volunteers" module has been added in Canvas.
You will find two files. One is a filtered list of OPES volunteers. The other is a district list of all approved volunteers for the district.
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