Ms. Brimmell's Second Grade Class

SCPA Newsletter 10-16-16

Mark Your Calendar:

  • Oct 19: Cells and Digestive System Test! Please help your child review their study guide.
  • Oct 19: Spelling Test and Spelling Homework Due
  • Oct. 19: Marathon and Spirit Wear Day
  • Oct. 20-25: No School MEA Break
  • Oct. 31: Halloween- Dress up as your favorite story book character
  • Nov. 3: Spirit Wear Day
  • Nov. 4: No School
  • Nov. 11: No School
  • Nov. 24-25: No School Thanksgiving Break

A Peak At Our Week!

Language Arts:

This week we read the story of Corduroy in our Imagine It! books. Students loved reading about a bear who didn't look put together on the outside, but was still shown kindness by a little girl when he was purchased from the store. In grammar we focused on nouns and proper nouns. Also, we began to read the story of Peter Pan as a class. Our class loves to read!


This week we began a brand new unit on Personal Narratives. Personal Narratives are a personal story which include a beginning, middle and end. Each story also has a problem, solution and a lesson that is learned. We began our unit by reading the book Thank You Mr. Falker which is a personal narrative written by Patricia Polacco. Students then began to brainstorm their own personal narratives and identified the beginning, middle and end to their stories.


This week we began our brand new unit science unit on Cells and the Digestive System. Students have had so much fun learning about their body! There is a continuous conversation of questions and facts being shared. We discovered that organisms are made of trillions of cells. We then focused on the digestive system. Students worked hard to learn the names and the functions of each area in the digestive system. Our test will take place on Wednesday, October 19th. Study guides will be sent home on Monday, October 17th. Please help your child review their study guide!


Ms. Brimmell: Ms. Brimmell's math class practiced three digit addition and subtraction as well as reviewed the terms "greater than", "less than" and "equal to" when comparing numbers. Students also created their own "some and some more" addition word problems and "some went away" subtraction word problems. We also challenged ourselves through timed daily math fact practice! We finished the week by reviewing for our test which will take place on Monday.

Ms. Winger: This week, we spent time reviewing and practicing three digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. We learned about comparing three digit numbers and practiced using the terms, "greater than", "less than", and "equal to." We also learned the symbols (>, <, =) and what they represent. Students continued to practice facts, this week, the focus was on subtracting zeros, ones, and the same numbers. Each week there will be a new fact to be practiced.

Mrs. Jensen: This week, we learned about double digit subtraction and rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. We learned that sometimes we have to regroup numbers when subtracting and we used a place value map to visually see what it looks like to borrow a ten and move it to the ones place so we can subtract. We also practiced looking at the “bossy” number in round that tells us if the number will round up or round down. When rounding to the nearest ten, we look at the ones place and when rounding to the nearest hundred, we look at the tens place to determine what the bossy number tells us. We spent Thursday reviewing these concepts and on Friday, we took our test. Remember that test corrections must be returned with a parent signature.

Ask Your Child:

  • What is a noun? What is a proper noun?
  • Can you retell me the story of Corduroy?
  • What is your goal for this week? How are you working to reach your goal?
  • Tell me about the story Peter Pan!
  • Which number is greater? (give your child two numbers to compare)
  • Tell me about how the body digests food.
  • What time is it?

A Look Into Next Week!

Next week we will continue our Personal Narrative writing unit. We will also conclude our Cells and Digestive System unit. The test will take place on Wednesday. As a class we will also continue to read the story of Peter Pan and complete comprehension activities to expand our learning. On Wednesday is Marathon! There is no school on Thursday and Friday.
Spelling City

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