2019 Summer Experience

Middle School - For incoming 6th-8th graders

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Half Day Classes

Morning Opportunities (½ Day)

(7:45 am - 11:30 am - includes breakfast and lunch. No transportation at the end of morning classes.)

World Drumming AM (No experience needed) Teacher: Carol Helble

Incoming 6th-8th grade

World Drumming for anyone from 6th grade through 8th grade. No experience needed. The class will focus on African, Caribbean and Brazilian style drumming. (1/2 day AM)

Afternoon Opportunities (½ Day)

(10:45 am - 2:30 pm - includes lunch. No transportation at the start of classes.)

Percussion PM- (This class is for percussion students only) Teacher: Carol Helble

Incoming 7th-8th grade students

Percussion Class-This class is for Percussion students that have completed 7th grade and up in band percussion. This class is a combination of marching percussion, percussion orchestra and world drumming skills. (1/2 day PM)

Full Day Classes

Lebanon Middle School Summer Experience Opportunities

These experiences are designed for students entering 6th through 8th grade.

Full Day Opportunities, 2 week options

(7:45 am - 2:30pm - includes breakfast and lunch.)

EXPLORER CAMP-TWO WEEK CLASS JUNE 3RD-14TH THIS CAMP WILL BE AT BENNETT SPRINGS. PARENTS MUST PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION. Teacher: Laura Latall This camp will take place at Bennett Spring State Park and will engage students in a wide range of outdoor activities and demonstrations! Each day will begin with fishing, taught by trained volunteers from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Afternoons will include a variety of activities: hiking, trail clean-up and recycling service projects, CrossFit, yoga, self-defense, reading, field journaling, archery, Dutch Oven cooking, camping survival, geocaching, first aid training, and even kayaking! Demonstrations will include the World Bird Sanctuary’s eagle presentation, snake awareness, Hug-A-Tree, animal pelt and print identification, multicultural activities (music and storytelling), and MORE! Every activity will be thoroughly supervised by teachers, park staff, park volunteers, and high school volunteers.

Forensic Science (CSI) Summer Experience (June 3rd-14th)-7th-8th Teachers: Susan Sexton and Susan King

In this class we will take on the roles of crime scene investigators to solve a crime that has been committed at school. We will combine English with the study of forensic science and associated careers to use techniques such as handwriting analysis, chromatography, fingerprinting, and blood spatter to solve a crime. Planned field trips and/or guest speakers with community involvement will include the Lebanon Police Department, the Laclede County Sheriff Department, and/or the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Going Bohemian: An Enriching, Engaging English Experience (June 17-28)-6th-8th Teacher: Susan King

Going Bohemian is a chance to experiment with written and spoken English. In this class we will use games, art, music, and fun activities to develop our skills as readers and writers. Come prepared to learn and have fun at the same time!

Video Editing and Film Design 6th-8th Teacher: Matt Jernigan

Do you dream of becoming a Youtube star? Do you enjoy making videos? This is the class for you! We will learn how to create, edit and publish exciting videos and watch the pros to see how it is done.

Full Day Opportunities, 4 week options

(7:45 am - 2:30 pm - includes breakfast and lunch.)

3D Print, Model and More! Teacher: Nathaniel Rogers

Creativity and manufacturing meet in this innovative course. Students will design models and prepare them for 3D printing, learn how to change filament and maintain a 3D printer, and even build a 3D printer from a kit. Everything needed to know to start your additive manufacturing journey will be taught in this exciting 4 week course. Watch your designs come to life, then take them home!

ARTapalooza 6th-8th Teachers: Leana Miller and Beth Walker

ARTapalooza! Art, art, I NEED more art! Want to make pottery? Want to work with plaster and paper mache? Want to learn to melt plastic to create awesome sculptures and bags? Sign up for Artapalooza! Want to work with real leather? Want to make your very own stained glass piece? Want time to create paintings and drawings? Want to work with real photography equipment in the dark room? Sign up for ARTapalooza!!! We will have 2 groups that will switch with each other after lunch to be able to fit in as much art as possible!

Become a YouTube Star-6th-8th Teacher: Holly Rogers

Want to be a YouTube star? Learn how to create a Youtube Channel that is unique to you! Learn how to write & plan content, graphic design to brand your channel, and filming/editing videos. Possible field trips include: the Lebanon Daily Record, KJEL radio station, KY3 news station, meeting drone videographers, and shadowing photographers on photoshoots.

Books vs. Cinema-6th-8th Teacher: Andrea Lewis

Compare movie versions with original books. How are the elements of the book and movie alike or different? Come join us for a fun time of reading the book together and watching the movie to find those elements. We will be looking at books like Wonder, Divergent, Hunger Games, and more.

DC vs. Marvel.... which is better?!-6th-8th Teacher: Christine Briscoe Investigate and research the history of each superhero and villain.
Which has the best power?
Which villain is the worst?
Which has the most intriguing back story?
Who is best as saving the world?
Who is your hero/villain?!

Dude Perfect: Student Edition-6th-8th Teacher: Logan Prock

Dude Perfect activities + all things sports = a summer to experience! This class will include Dude Perfect activities mixed with a variety of sports. If you are a fan of Dude Perfect, take this class. We will watch clips and complete our own challenges. If you enjoy playing sports, take this class. We will explore the history of all sports along with playing them.

Everything Water-6th-8th Teacher: Angie Myers

In this class we will have learn about all kinds of things involving water. We will have a shark week where we learn all about sharks, make shark teeth, and make other shark activities. We will explore lots of other types of underwater creatures as well. We also will make a boat and learn about why the boat floats. We will make ocean water to drink while we watch movies about underwater creatures. We will go to the park, trail, and pond to learn about the weather, and the water cycle. We will also be planting some vegetables and learning about gardening and how water helps the plants to grow and how bees help pollinate our crops. For our trips we will be going fishing and swimming.

Exploring Ancient Cultures with Minecraft-6th-8th Teacher: Isaac Southwick

In this class, students will explore Ancient Civilizations. Students will embark on a 4 week-long study on different civilizations, using research to learn in-depth knowledge about the culture and geography of civilizations. This unit will culminate with a creative project highlighting things we learn, using Minecraft to create the buildings and architecture from the civilizations researched. Students need to come ready with an open mind, a vivid imagination to what life was like, and a willingness to dig into the past in an inquisitive manner.

Game Design for the 21st Century Learner-6th-8th Teacher: Amber Bartley

This course focuses on the ever-growing need for digital literacy utilizing 21st century skills. Creativity and critical thinking are at the forefront of this technology creation opportunity highlighting game design. Students will learn how to create levels, solve problems, evaluate and collaborate with other students through playing games, and even publish their completed work. Come experience how much fun one of the fastest growing industries can be!

Games, Games, and More Games-6th-7th graders Teacher: Sherri Robinson

Get ready to use your skills! From your brain to communication skills. We will be playing many different games; board games, cards, dominoes, dice, and computer games. Everything from Scrabble to Name that Sate. Possible field trips would include skating, bowling, and swimming. Hope to see you there!

Tech Savvy Magic School Bus-6th-7th graders Teacher: Glenda Helton

Are you tech savvy? Can you create a webpage, spreadsheets, display data? Could you build an online auction for LMS using photos and Google Forms? Can you locate places using GPS or Google Earth? Can you create your own world using Minecraft? If you CAN or if you CAN'T come join the class for a unique experience!

If you sign up for Games, Games, and More Games and Tech Savvy Magic School Bus you will be in one class in the am and the other in the pm. They will switch midday.

Lotions, Potions and More-6th-8th Teacher: Melissa Goans

Interested in learning how to make your own soap or other bath and body products? What about candles? Here’s your chance! You can learn a craft and create your own beautiful handmade gifts at the same time! In this DIY class, we will utilize advanced soap and candle making techniques to formulate and create various types of home fragrances as well as bath and body items (including soaps, scrubs, lotions and bath bombs). We will experiment with new and innovative package designs, logo designs and marketing ideas! We will utilize experts within the different fields through skype visits and traditional/virtual field trips, guest speakers and we will even partner with a local artist for a fun-filled personalized painting experience. Each student will create a minimum of 6 different products along with a workbook/recipe book to take home. So put on your creative hat and let’s get soaping!!!!

Make Me an Author! 6th-8th Teacher: Jera Toombs

This classes for students who are writing or want to write a book! Each day will be divided into two parts: Mornings will involve watching movies, reading parts of books, listening to songs, etc. and afternoons will be for students to write their own story using skills discussed from the morning. Throughout the weeks, published authors will be answering questions and talking with students about the process of writing a book. By the end of this course, students will have a written story of their own.

Make 'n Take 6th-8th Teachers: Debbie McGinnis, Hillary Stanley, Missy Arl, Kelly Eggleston

Don't sit at home and be bored! Join your friends and us at Make n' Take!
Students will rotate between four teachers to experience different weekly hands-on activities.
Themes will include:
Need for Speed (build and launch rockets, race cars, etc.)
Save the World (recycle materials to make candy dispensers, mouse box, etc.)
Out of this World ( create paper mache' and explore space)
Hey Mummy (Discover Ancient Egypt and design mummy masks)
Come one, come all! This class will include weekly building projects, guest speakers, Skypes, a close up look at a real race car, and field trips like Ha-Ha Tonka, Bennett Springs, animal shelter, bowling, and swimming.

MO Fun in the Summer-6th-8th Teachers: Aimee Douglas, Mary Dudley, Zak Tucker, and Lori King

This outdoor/indoor recreation experience will allow students to actively explore the Missouri outdoors by utilizing local trails, parks and the middle school gyms. The different activities will include games, sports, fitness challenges, biking, hiking, archery, fishing field trip and more fun adventures.

Pirates of the Caribbean-6th-8th Teacher: Trisha Palmer

Pirates of the Caribbean! Come learn all about pirates, both real and fictional. Students will practice academic writing skills and will also review basic math facts (addition and multiplication). Landforms and ocean life, pirate fun facts and art projects will also be included. Possible field trips will include reading to students at the elementary as well as a visit to the Wonders of Wildlife aquarium.

Science Adventures-6th-8th Teacher: Christina Knight

All things science! In this class you will have the opportunity to use microscopes, build catapults, make and test planes, investigate owl pellets, work in the lab stations and more. We will have guest speakers come visit us about space, water conservation, and recycling. We will also use technology to investigate phenomenon and take some field trips to observe animals and their habitat. Come join us for an amazing Science Adventure and Summer Experience.