School Starts to Early

Wyatt Carpenter

Why some schools start to early:

Some schools start classes to early in the morning, there are debates between school officials and experts on this. Experts argue that waking up and starting class before eight o'clock can harm the health and attitude of a student.
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Health Factors

It takes more time for our brains to fully wake up and become fully active when we wake up early. You may have heard that you need to have at least 8 hours of sleep and this is entirely true. This is true because at night when you sleep is when your body repairs itself and allows you to grow. When someone does not get the right amount of sleep it can impact how the grow and how strong their immune system is.
Why Sleep is So Important

Students Need Sleep to Succeed

Sleep is a huge key to success for any student. When staying up and studying the body won't fully remember what you are studying until you sleep where the brain repairs itself and put it into your memories. Lower amounts of sleep in a student can lead to higher levels of stress, lower GPA's, and a lower attention span