Making Times Equal

By: Brandon Bradley

Let's Be EQUAL!

The Civil Rights Movement change the United States forever; because of the Civil Right Movement, the United States became much more equal. People believe that the U.S. still has segregation and is still against the blacks. They are right, but not everyone in the United States is about that. Also there are groups such as the KKK that are still around but if it wasn't for the Civil Rights Movement, the United States would be a different place.


During this time, the Blacks used many different ways and strategies to receive and accomplish Civil Rights. They protested, marched, and even speeches during this time. Many students and young people also did sit ins to help.

Protests during this time was not uncommon. A major protest was The Montgomery Bus Boycott. This was when Rosa Pars (a black female) did not give up her seat to a white person. She was arrested for her act. The NAACP thought this is there time to try and get segregated laws out of the southern city's. The boycott was that no blacks would ride the bus. After a while after this started, many blacks were getting arrested for walking on the streets. They finally passed a law for no segregated laws.

From Selma to Montgomery was one of the biggest marches in the Civil Rights Movement time. Martin Luther King Jr. led a march that was 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery. There were many more blacks then whites in Selma but very few blacks were registered to vote. King lets marches to Selma to get more and more blacks to get registered.

Martin Luther King Jr. wrote one of the most famous speeches in U.S. History. The "I Have a Dream" speech. He talked about ending segregation and making America become more equal. This speech has been heard all around the world and the U.S.

Jimmie Lee Jackson

Also known as the death gave life to the Voting Rights Act. He was a Army Veteran. He could not get registered to vote. He was part of a group at church that would sing and prey at church then they would go to the jail and sing and prey there. While on there way to the jail, state troopers wearing riot gear attacked them. Lee's grandmother was pushed down. Lee yelled, but when he yelled a trooper shot him at point-blank range twice in the abdomen. He died several days later.
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Oneal Moore

Oneal Moore was the first African-American police officer in Washington Parish in Louisiana. His partner Creed Rogers(also black) were going home on there one-year anniversary as being a cop when a pickup truck approached there car. Three men inside got out and opened fire. One bullet hitting Moore in the head and killing him there and others hit Rogers and blinded him. The case was closed after being reopened by the FBI three times. No one was charged for it.
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Top 5 Events!

5. Brown v. Board of Education: this case is about a little girl whose parents sued so that she could attend an all-white school in her neighborhood. The U.S. Supreme Court's role in this case should the affecting changes that were being made nationally.

4. Little Rock Crisis: Was a group of African-American students enrolled in Little Rock Central High School. The students were racially segregated to enter the school.

3. Selma March- When Martin Luther King Jr. marched people to Selma from Montgomery to register to vote. This was a very long march but showed non-violence and helped.

2. Montgomery Bus Boycott: when Rosa Parks didn't give her seat up to a white person and was jailed for it, the NAACP thought it was a good chance to help civil rights. They had black not ride the buses and the bus and city payed. They started arresting blacks for being on the city streets. Many important people such as Martin Luther King Jr. took place in this.

1. "I Have a Dream" speech: The "I Have a Dream" speech was a speech given from MLK. This is one of the most famous speeches in the world and helped the civil rights movement dramatically!