What's Happening at the "D"

DeKeyser Elementary V4#8

A note from the Principal...

This week is the final week of school for 2017. This start of school has been fantastic! The students are smiling, learning and growing! This week, progress reports for our upper elementary grades will be given to students to take home, signifying the midpoint of Quarter 2.

This is also a good time to take a look and see if you might be missing any of your child's sweatshirts, jackets, or other items that might be in the lost and found. The lost and found is located in the back hallway by the bathrooms. Along those same lines, please be sure to write your child's name on the tag of any new jackets or clothes they wear to school. Every year, the lost and found has large amounts of unclaimed clothes we would like to return to their owner, but there are no names written on them.

Wishing you a safe and relaxing holiday break,

Mary Beth Merlo


If you ordered Butter Braids, THEY MUST BE PICKED UP BETWEEN 2:30 AND 5:00 pm on December 20th. The Butter Braids come to us frozen and we do not have freezer space to store them. They will stay frozen for 6 hours after delivery. We can send up to THREE Butter Braids home with students, any more than that gets too big and bulky. If you ordered more than three Butter Braids, they must be picked up from the school by 5:00 on December 20th. Please make checks for payment made out to DeKeyser Elementary School.


If you ordered a Ham, they will be ready for pick up TOMORROW, December 20th, after 2:30 pm. Please make checks payable to DeKeyser PTCG

Cultures of Thinking Expectations - Growth Mindset

Here at DeKeyser, we have spent considerable time learning about the importance of a growth mindset and teaching students about it as well. Below is a link to the "Parents Guide to a Growth Mindset" so parents can use the same Growth Mindset language at home that we use at school. A special Thank You to Mrs. Beauvais for passing this resource along!

DeKeyser Attendance Line - (586)797-4499

If your child will be absent from school, please call our attendance line and leave a message.

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Our DeKeyser Community creates a safe and engaging culture of learning where thinking is visible, valued, and actively promoted.