7 Characteristics Of A Civilization


Surplus of food

  • A surplus of food is to have extra food for later
  • People would need surplus of food to save for later and specialize in becoming artisans or skilled workers
  • The canals that they dug to water their crops (irrigation) is evidence of surplus of food you can find in ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Now we have irrigation but in a automatic way.
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  • People needed technology to write, hunt and harvest.
  • Technology are inventions that get better with time.
  • Tools and jewelry are evidence of technology that you can find in ancient Mesopotamia.
  • If it wasn't because of them we couldn't have knives, bronze or cars.
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  • People need language to communicate
  • Language is a way to talk. for example: English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Cuneiform is evidence of technology that you can find in Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Now we could talk and learn more languages
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  • To explain the weather explain the weather.
  • Belive in more than one god
  • The ruins of the ziggurats are evidence of religion you can find in ancient Mesopotamia
  • Now we just belive in one god but some people belive in greek gods too For example: Zeus and Poseidon
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  • People need Art to express themself and tell stories
  • Art is a story or emotion told by a picture
  • Walls ruins in the ziggurat are evidence of art you can find in Ancent Mesopotamia
  • Now we draw on canvas and they drew on walls

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  • People need a government to know that if you do the wrong thing going to have to pay for that.
  • A group of people that rules the city
  • Now we have laws to protect the citizens
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Social Classes

  • People need social classes to divide between upper class, middle class and low class
  • Social classes are a group of people divided by their power and money
  • When the people in the upper class died they putted a lot of jewelry in their coffin with their bodies
  • Today we still have does social classes but in a more politely way
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