Madison Family Newsletter

December 2022

Letter from Principal Estrada

Greetings Families!

Trimester one has come to a close and we are so excited about the progress our students are making academically and socially here at Madison. Students are diving deeper into the content standards and working toward proficiency as well as project based learning that offers creativity and critical thinking beyond the grade level standards.

We are excited to report that your learners are making great gains on our learning applications of IXL for math and Lexia for reading. Please feel free to encourage your child to use these applications at home or reach out to your child's teacher about their classroom expectations.

Thank you families for sharing your children with us. They are brilliant, creative and natural investigators of the world around them! Wishing you the brightest December!


Principal Estrada ❤︎

Upcoming Dates

  • December 1: End of Trimester One
  • December 2: No School - Teacher Workshop
  • December 5: Somali Parent Night
  • December 8: STEM Night
  • December 22- January 2: No School - Winter Break

Somali Parent Meeting: Monday, December 5th

Where: Madison Media Center

Time: 3:30-4:30

December Agenda

  • Upcoming Parent Engagement Opportunities
  • Conscious Discipline Home Connection
  • Parent/Family Voice

Madison Family STEM Night: Thursday, December 8th

When: December 8th

Time: 5:30 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Madison Family STEM Event!

To all our Madison students and families, we hope you can join us for a fun night of hands on science and family friendly activities on technology, engineering, and math.

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From Our Classrooms 🍎


A special thank you to our kindergarten families for joining us at Fall Parent Teacher Conferences! We loved sharing about how much your kindergartener has learned since September. Our Kinders are truly amazing little learners! Our November highlight was celebrating “Friendsgiving.” Classrooms “buddied up” to celebrate friendship; Ms. Herbert & Ms. Kulzer’s classes celebrated together, along with Ms. Olson & Ms. Simonson’s classes, and Ms. Cooper & Ms. Yang’s (Chinese Immersion) classes. Everyone enjoyed meeting new friends at school.

1st Grade

Hello First Grade Families!

Your students have been working extremely hard these past few months and we are so grateful for everything you do to help them! In first grade we have been working hard on learning subtraction and are moving back into working on our addition strategies. In reading we are continuing to work on finding key details in a story and learning about different genres.

  • Please continue to read those PAKRAT books at home and send them back to school!
  • The weather is always changing, please be sure to send your student to school with the appropriate gear. Let your teacher know if you need something!

2nd Grade

Hello Madison Families!

Thank you to all who made it for fall conferences! It was wonderful sharing student news and growth with you all. In second grade, we’ve been busy learning so much! In math, we’re finishing our second chapter about number patterns. Students have been learning and practicing skip counting, odd and even numbers, equal groups, repeated addition, and arrays. Then we’ll jump to chapter 5 which is all about place value! In reading, we’ve been focusing on the nonfiction genre which has students finding text features and key details. Students completed a community worker project that had them write about key details they found in a nonfiction text. In social studies, students have been learning about what it means to be a responsible citizen. Students have been learning states of matter, weather and air, and balance and motion in science.

  • With the cold weather here to stay, please remind students to bring their winter gear to school including hats and mittens.
  • Don’t forget to check your Seesaw Family App or get connected to see classroom announcements from your student’s teacher!

3rd Grade

Hello third-grade families!

November has been a busy month! There are so many things we have been learning. In reading, we have spent a lot of time learning about the main idea and how to find key details to support the main idea. We have also completed our first writing project on personal narratives. Some classes have even performed, or are working on, reader's theater projects! We learned to subtract with and without regrouping and across zeros in math. The long-awaited multiplication unit has begun! Students are so excited to learn their multiplication facts! Our SEL lessons have been going well, as we learned about beautiful mistakes, thinking outside the box, and staying thankful. Be sure to ask your students about what they have learned about archeology as we get ready to dive deeper into ancient civilizations.

Remember to keep reading 20 minutes each night and get your planners/PAKRAT sheets signed! We look forward to another month of learning together! We wish you well from the third-grade teachers.

4th Grade

In fourth grade, we just finished our more complicated multiplication unit and now we are going to begin learning division. Our focus is to use different methods to help solve division. We will be using our knowledge from the multiplication unit to help tackle division problems. In reading, we wrote a persuasive essay on what we should eat instead of turkey for Thanksgiving. Some of the students made a turkey art project to go along with their writing. For science, we finished up talking about the different states of matter. The students were able to identify if something was a solid, liquid, or a gas. Lastly, for social studies we are starting to talk about maps as well as States and their Capitals. One thing that the fourth grade team is beginning to use more often is a program called Nearpod. We are excited to use this program more frequently, as well as figure out more ways we can make learning fun and engaging for our fourth grade students.

5th Grade

It’s here….Welcome to December…Already!!

The year is flying by and here is what we are working on in 5th grade. In reading we are beginning our unit on fairy tales and folktales. Students will also be given the chance to create their own. In math, we are continuing to work on long division. To support your child in math, please help daily with basic math fact review. For example, throw a few out while making supper, riding in the car, taking a walk, or waiting at the bus stop. For social studies we are studying about Native Americans and our orange bag, Mission To Mars.

DON’T FORGET…Dec 8th, we will be holding our STEM night from 5:30-7pm. Please bring your family for an exciting and engaging evening. Winter break begins December 22 and runs through Jan 2. We are excited to see your child return to school January 3rd 2023. Lastly, report cards will be going home December 20th 2022.

Please remember, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher.

Allied Arts: Music

The music rooms have been “humming” with learning and activity!!! As parents and guardians, be incredibly proud of your children as they have tried with all their might to master and memorize up to nine music pieces using math skills. Is it possible you have heard the melody… “1-1-5-5-6-6-5”? 😉 Several students have even mastered “The Star Spangled Banner”! Amazing!!!

Presently we are incorporating literacy skills as we master the staff and up to 13 levels of music notation. Ask your child about the magic hand staff and “Eleven ghosts buy dead fish”! It is phenomenal how many words can be made from the staff.

Our fifth graders did an outstanding job of honoring veterans and thanking them for their service on Veterans Day. Their voices rang out with tons of admiration, gratitude, and love!

Above all, know that every time your children enter the music rooms their learning and THEY are cared about…A LOT!!!

Keep a song in your hearts!

Grace Ryan and Karen Kruse

Allied Arts: Art

A big HELLO from the Art Room! We are off to a very colorful start this year and I'm so excited to share with you the beautiful works of art your students create once they are dry and on Artsonia.

Artsonia is a safe, free, online platform where parents and family members can view art created by their student throughout their art career! Artsonia has been used over the past few years by Mrs. Phillips, so many students will already have work on display. I am doing my best to keep adding to it.


-Students have a portfolio they can access throughout the years and add to as they like

-Students can see growth and improvement in their skills

-No vast paper piles or feeling guilty about throwing away projects

-Far away family members can still see student artwork and cheer them on

-Can use student art to create keepsakes with 20% of proceeds going back to their art education

-Artsonia builds confidence by allowing students to obtain awards for their hard work

You should have received an email if you are in our Skyward system (check your spam folder), but if not, that's okay! Just go to:​


Hello Madison families! This is your ADSIS team and we are so excited for the opportunity to work with your kids! We provide Tier III instruction for K-3 students in general education who are in need of additional academic support in the area of reading. We strive to help our students learn independently through the use of reading fluency/comprehension, decoding, and strengthening vocabulary. We love to read, and we provide many opportunities for students to dive into a good book and sharpen their skills. To ensure a balanced blend of reading and language acquisition strategies, we use curriculums which follow a direct way to teach reading skills using a multisensory and hands-on approach. Curriculums we use are Let's Play Learn (LPL), Sonday 1, and Leveled Literacy Interventions (LLI) programs for independent literacy building. We meet in small group for 30 minutes each day and we monitor the progress of our students learning once a week to see how they have grown. The goal is to ensure that students improve their reading skills until they are reading at their present grade level. Currently, we have been focusing on the critical foundational elements of literacy (phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, blending, spelling, etc.). Thank you for your partnership at home with your students. We appreciate the hard work they do every day here at Madison! We look forward to our students' continued growth in their reading journey!

SEL Corner

Hello Madison Families. I am Jen Nistler the School Counselor and 504 Coordinator at Madison. I work with our SEL team to strengthen students’ social and emotional skills. I provide this teaching individually, in small groups and through classroom lessons. SEL focuses on five main areas: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making.

On November 14th we celebrated World Kindness Day. Students participated in classroom activities focusing on the theme of kindness. During morning announcements this month we have also highlighted various ways to express and feel gratitude at school and at home.

Talent Development News

It's Bee Season here at Madison Elementary!!!!

This week, we conducted the Classroom Spelling Bees, which qualified some of our Scholars for our school's Spelling Bee. The Madison Spelling Bee will be held in the Media Center, on December 14th. Letters will be sent home, as this year, parents of the participants will be encouraged to attend. Your presence will make such a big difference!!!!

Our Young Scholars - 3rd through 5th Grade, are working on their vision for the future, by building their electronic Vision Boards. They are focusing on their long and short-term goal-setting, identifying role models who motivate them to achieve greatness, focusing on their strengths, using motivational quotes and affirmations! Our students are learning more about themselves and that has really been exciting to them.

Our High Achievers are enjoying the challenge and rigor of Math and Reading. The novels we are working on right now - The One and Only Ivan -3rd, Charlotte's Web - 4th, and Out of My Mind - 5th, are helping them dive deeper into text structure, textual evidence, and responding to questions. Students are also learning that, Math, though challenging, CAN be fun. It's a joy listening to the learning sounds in the classroom.

Thank you so much Parents, for the motivation and support you offer your children. It shows, in their effort, how much they value learning! KUDOS to you!!!!!

Educationally yours,

Mrs. Petersen


A reminder from our Health Office as we approach the winter months. Your child should stay home if:

~Elevated temperature: 100.4 or higher. Must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication (Tylenol or Ibuprofen) before returning to school.

~Illness related to vomiting and/or diarrhea: Minimum of 24 hours without vomiting and/or diarrhea episode before returning to school.

~Strep Throat: Stay home for a minimum of 12 hours on antibiotics before returning to school.

~Rash: that hasn't been diagnosed by a health care provider

~Cough: repetitive cough that interferes with child's activity

~Select contagious diseases (Pertussis, Influenza, RSV, Chickenpox, Measles, Covid-19): Stay home and contact your school nurse for a return to school plan.

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