Life on the Tundra

By: Alexis Hammerling

About the Tundra

The Tundra is a cold biome located at the Artic circle. Mining and drilling oil is causing habitat loss. Tundra has a high threat of global warming. Growing season for plants only lasts up to sixty days and the Tundra only has a few plants. The Tundra covers one fith of the whole earth. The Tundra only has two seasons which are summer and winter.


1) Polar bears let Artic Foxes and gulls eat their scraps.

2) Caribou eat grass and then they fertilize for other animals.


1)When food is low a Caribou and Ox might fight over food.

2) A Polar bear and Wolf will fight over other animals for food.


1)Caribou and Wolf: The Caribou eats plants and the wolf eats the Caribou.

2) Brown bear and Artic hare: The bunny eats plants and the Brown bear eats the bunny.

3) Polar bear and Artic fox: An Artic fox eats plants and small animals and the polar bear eats the fox.

4) Artic wolf and Caribou: The Caribou eats plants and the Wolf eats the Caribou.

Cool Facts

* Tundra only has one type of tree which is the dwarf willow tree.

*Tundra means treeless pain.

* Only six weeks of summer.

* Sun is up almost 24hrs a day.