Cougar Connection

Issue 24 Volume 2

Spring Forward Indeed!

We have arrived to Springtime! This has so many implications on our work!

I hope that you all had a relaxing Spring Break and took advantage of the great weather that came with it! I myself had a great couple of days but then was involved with some Professional Learning with Texas ASCD. I was a little reluctant about signing up for Professional Learning during Spring Break however I was pleasantly surprised ! I learned, networked, and reflected on our practices. I was able to connect with the learning because it was OUR WORK at our campus. Working and learning with a group of professionals from different districts across Texas just reaffirmed our work! I am excited and reinvigorated!

We have arrived at the last leg of the race! Just as you run a marathon you have to run at a pace and continue to hydrate yourself. How can we apply this to our work?

Be prepared mentally and literally for:

1) preparation and delivery of instruction ( whole group and small group)

2) assessment time (STAAR/TerraNova/Supera/ACP's)

3) discuss assessments results and next steps

4) meet deadlines for grades, honor roll list, etc.

Continue your collaboration with your grade levels and keep lifting each other!

Together we can do this!

4th Grade Rocking Science!

Week at a Glance

Week of March 21st


8:00- A-Team Meeting


8:00- ARD-FLS

8:45- ARD-Oakry/Dawson

9:30- ARD- Hernandez/Edoghotu

11:45- ARD Bowen

12:30- ARD- FLS


12:00 Principal's Meeting

03/24-Thursday-Lesson Plan Collaboration Time (3rd grade Field Trip)

3:20- Professional Development

4:30- Human Sexuality classes @ Blair Elementary (email sent on 3/03 for those impacted)

03/25-Friday- Inclement Weather Day

Summer School Info!

Wanted to give you info that was shared with me at my last Principal's meeting.

2015-2016 summer school will look a little different this summer.

There will be three types of summer school.

1) k-5 students needing remediation to pass to the next grade level.

a) Where- Moseley

b) 8 days long

c) Monday- Thursday

d) $31 an hour

2) SSI- 5th grade students needing to pass the STAAR Reading/Math test

a) Where- Moseley

b) 10 days long approx.

c) Monday- Thursday

d) $31 an hour

3) Achievers summer school- Targeted for interested student admitted by lottery only

a) Burleson Elementary

b) Length 20 days

c) AC Interns and Teach For American Interns will be the ones teaching this summer school

I wanted to give you this info just in case you were counting or planning on working summer school. I don't know what our Allocations will be for either, however if you are interested please let me know.


1) As you know we have new copiers! Great news!! Please be gentle with the machine! You only have access to one machine and if that one breaks down it will be awhile for it to be repaired. If you have not been trained please ask Ms. Garret or Ms. Baez to train them.

2) Please be on the lookout for our restrooms... as you take your students be sure you check before and after they use the restrooms. We have over 800 students and when we are down one restroom it affects us all! Help keep our school clean!! All 3rd-5th grade students should not be going to the restroom during specials as teachers should take them before... please help!!!

3) Lastly, please keep in mind when you are in the office we have parents on the phone or other stakeholders. Look out for the noise level. Ms. Juarez keeps her desk nice and organized. Please respect her space as it is not community property. She does a great job in handling all of our needs, so please be respectful of her space as well!