By:Gavin Moore

The rhinos habitat

Rhinos mostly live in Africa and Asia.Rhinos also live in Rainforest and swamps because there is food there. Rhinos also live in Kenya and Nimbia and south Africa and Switzerland.They also live in Tinzanai and Zimbabwean, Botswana because they all have a place for rhinos to not be hunted that is why they live there. Rhinos only live in a area 3 to 15 square feet. All of the places they live give them things they need to survive.

Rhinos Diet

Rhinos are plant eaters.Rhinos eat grass and shrubs.They also eat trees and leaves.They also eat fruits and twigs. They also eat aquatic plants they eat them because they do not have a lot of water so they eat wet plants. They eat fruit because they are juice. They eat grass because they need to change their diet.Thats what Rhinos eat
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