Growing Up

By: Carly Zimmerman

definition: a young person who is developing into an adult: you person going through adolescence


Ex: In the book That was then, This is Now mark cut Angela's hair since he was acting childish.

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Fact: grow up chronologically,socially, and emotionally


Ex: When in the story This was Then, This is Now Bryon met Cathy.

Ex: Bryon got a job in the story This was Then, This is Now.

Author's Message/Theme

People will always change while they grow up

Ex: In the story This was Then, This is now Bryon and M&M changed the most by doing different actions in the story and changing there personality during the book.

My thoughts

Dont always do what other people do be yourself no matter what your unique in your own way. Just because your different people shouldn't so judge mental.

Ex: When people made fun of M&M in the story This is Then, This is Now.