I know why the caged bird sings

By caleb sanders

The inspirational words

I think these line in this show good inspiration for the poem are the strongest example of what she had happen to her .''dares to claim the sky" also ''his wings are clipped and his feet are tied '' these lines show the emotion that maya angelo had to go threw

5 inspirational words with the definitions

claim:I chose this word because it determines that she claimed the power to overcome adversity

Trill:I chose this word because it shows the scarynest and how she over came this tradgic event in her life period

Night mare :I chose this word to show the emotion and stress and integrity of maya

Unknown: I chose this to show what maya went through and over came of not knowing whats going on .

Freedom:I chose this word to spotlight how all the African americans were fighting for freedom .

compare and contrast

My image relates to the poem because it shows the caged up bird and she felt like that was the slaves and this explains how she felt and how she knew that the caged bird sings to try to make it self stay positive .