The Willow Weekly

September 1, 2017

Labor Day Holiday - Monday, Sept. 4

Enjoy your day off - school is closed for all students and employees!

Free and Reduced Lunch

Please remember that families must reapply yearly for benefits. Breakfasts and lunches at free or reduced costs will stop for students who did reapply at the end of October. Please make sure you have applied in ample time to make sure your child continues with their meals. Families can go online to to determine if their students qualify and to complete the new online application.

Would you like to control the snacks your child is able to purchase at lunch?

If you would like to be able to ensure that your child doesn't overspend their lunch money, you can control their options by accessing their My School Bucks account at You will need your child's id number (which is the same as their lunch number/library number) Please note that since they county has changed to this process, we are not able to control the restrictions from the cafe any longer. Any restrictions you had on their accounts last year do not roll over each year, so you will need to log in to set your restrictions. Remember lunch is now $2.35 for students.