Morello Park Elementary School

Principal's Newsletter

Welcome Back to School!

On behalf of the Morello Staff we want to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year. We are a passionate team of educators, working together to make your child's learning journey unforgettable. You are an important part of making your child's educational adventure a success. We look forward to partnering with you this year.

In order to set your child up for success, we recommend the following:

1) Make sure your child is well rested for school each day.

2) Make sure your child is at school each and every day. Lessons build upon one another and most of the learning takes place in the classroom which is irreplaceable.

3) Make sure your child is at school on-time. Instruction begins right away and although as adults we can "rush" and "bounce back" our children do better in school when the morning is calm and they have had time to eat a nutritious breakfast. Set your alarm earlier to give yourself enough time in the mornings to complete the routines and get to school on-time.

4) If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your child's teacher right away. The best way to reach out to our teachers is through email when possible.

5) Set up a quiet area in your home for homework and set routines. Children are more successful when they know what to expect.

6) Read with your child before he or she goes to sleep. This time is irreplaceable.

7) Schedule important appointments after school hours so that your child does not miss any valuable instruction.

8) If your child needs to be out of school for a period of five days or more, please read our handbook for instructions on completing an, "Independent Study." Please remember that "Independent Study" work that is given is important but does not replace the instruction that happens in the classroom. We encourage parents to schedule vacations during our calendar vacations that are located on our district calendar for the year. We do realize that life happens and some circumstances in a family do require students to be out so please complete the, "Independent Study" forms when possible.

9) Share the common language we use at school. We recommend posting our character traits in a visible place at home and refer to them often.

Thanks for partnering with us and we look forward to an amazing year together.


Stacy Joslin, Principal

"Putting Children First"

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Miss AJ's Counseling Corner

“Bullying” has become a buzzword in the media and it is a real concern in all school communities. However, what many schools are finding, is that the term “bullying” has become an umbrella term for poor social behaviors and/or rude and unkind interactions. Just like with anything else, mislabeled behaviors often lead to missed opportunities. We want to close this gap!

In welcoming our students back, we want to start the year with creating a positive learning environment for each of our students. I will be pushing into all classrooms, K-5, to provide education on bullying prevention and intervention. Over the next month, the whole school community will learn how to recognize bullying behaviors (and distinguish between mean and rude behaviors), practice ways to support peers, and learn when/how to ask for help from others. In conjunction with the school-wide Character Counts! program, we will build a strong and supportive student community.

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Safety is a Priority!

As you have most likely read in the emails sent out in August, we put safety at the forefront of what we do each day. Our staff has been trained at Morello and throughout the district. We have started off the school year with routines in place that outline and model clear expectations. In an emergency, we would rely on our training and also the multiple times we have practiced the drills with our students. We have monthly drills to prepare for emergencies that include: fire, earthquake, chemical spill, lockout and lockdown. Emails have been sent regarding our drills and what has been communicated to your children. If you have any questions, we welcome you to reach out.