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In Waco, Texas, two men found a 3-foot bone. The men were very curious of this discovery, so they went to the Mayborn Museum in Waco. The paleontologist in the area went to investigate the site of where the bone was found. But when they got there, they found more things than they thought they would.

Paleontologists in the area found what looked like a nursery herd, a defense position to protect the babies from any type of danger in the area. This nursery herd consisted 17 columbian mammoths and a few other species. Due to their position and area, the paleontologist thought that a flood was in the area at the time.These paleontologist have been working on this case for decades, and have made a monument so people can learn about it. So, how do the environment and people think about it?

Mammoths In Their Environment

During the Ice Age, Texas wasn't under ice. Texas had the climate of what Texas has now. So, columbian mammoths don't have as much fur as a wooly mammoth has. The columbian mammoths were in the right climate for their body build.

Columbian mammoths eat a lot of grass each day, and there were some trees. So, how did they get around the trees? They knocked the trees down. Since they were so strong, they knocked the trees down to get more grass. Columbian mammoths had to alter their environment, so they could comfortably live their.

Religion VS Science and History

Religion and science has never been on the same page. Religion says that the Earth started around 6,000 years ago, but science says that tye Earth started billions of years ago. So, religious people believe that people were alive when the Ice Age happened. Somethings just don't make sense with religion nor science.

With the theory of that life was on Earth billions makes me question, how did they find a bone from billions of years ago? Wouldn't the fossils be under the mantle and not 100 feet underground? Some religions just say that it happened a few years ago, but no one was in the area at the time. What do you think is right? Religion or Science.

Scaling Pre-Historic Animals

Scaling pre-historic animals is when you get their length of certain parts and down size them, so it can fit on a piece of paper. I have chose to scale the saber-toothed tiger. One of the most dangerous predators of the Ica Age.
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