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Well, benchmarks are in full gear. We still have two more to give this coming week. Huge thanks to those who help administer them. And also thanks for understanding that folks are off schedule with support due to the benchmarks. It takes a team.

Book Fair was a great success this week. The musical was fun as we enter this crazy season. Fifth went to Covington to learn about school options. St. Edwards brought students for third and fifth to observe cool science experiments. Yummy snacks at the bake sale. And too much food at the luncheon. Breakfast bazaar this morning. Lots of stuff happening I am sure I missed.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS-Report cards are now. The window opens for comments starting Wednesday. Take advantage of this early start for comments. We will print drafts on the 15th for you all to review. ALL corrections have to be in by the 17th. We have NO opportunity for extensions due to these district time lines.

The last Thinking Thursday is this week.


Dec 7 First grade field trip

Dec 7 New teacher meeting
Dec 7 Reading MOY 3 and 4
Dec 8 AAPSA meeting for Kathy

Dec 8 3rd grade to Nutcracker 9 - 11:30
Dec 8 ARD/CST meetings

Dec 9 Posting window opens for Report Cards
Dec 9 Principal meeting for Kathy
Dec 9 Math MOY 3 and 4
Dec 10 Thinking Thursday

Dec 10 Diana's birthday
Dec 10 CAC meeting
Dec 10 PTA executive board meeting 6-7
Dec 11 New student tours

Dec 11 Boone Bear Market
Dec 11 Crockett VT Winter Wonderland 6:15pm at Crockett HS
Dec 14 Data Day 5th

Dec 14 4th grade to Bob Bullock museum
Dec 14 AISD school board recognition for STAAR scores-Kathy

Dec 15 All grades, comments, etc. must be completed by Noon today!
Dec 15 Data Day 4th
Dec 15 ARD/CST meeting

Dec 15 Draft report cards will be printed in the afternoon
Dec 16 Data Day 3rd

Dec 16 Baby shower for Samantha/Michelle/Robin 3:00

Dec 17 All corrections to report cards must be completed by 8:00 a.m. today!
Dec 18 5th grade musical 7:45
Dec /1718 Winter parties
Dec 18 End of 9 weeks
Dec 18 Attendance Bingo
Dec 21 Freddy's birthday

Jan 2 Deborah's birthday