Greek Mythology: Scylla

By Ryan Wiebelhaus

Personal Info

Scylla was an ancient Greek mortal (days are limited) monster also known as the Destructor of Vessels that had a cat tail and six wolf heads with four eyes each. She has no different Roman name. Her mother and father were Crates and Phorcys and she has no spouse or children.

Interesting Factoids of Wisdom

1. Each of Scylla's necks are five feet long.

2. She was partners with Charybdis, a whirpool

3. Scylla devoured any sailors who dared to come near her.

4. Poseidon had an affair with her.

5. She was cursed by a witch by the name of Circe.

6. Scylla lived atop two rocks in the Strait of Messina.

10. Circe's curse caused her to be an extremely ugly beast with a hunger for human flesh.

I chose this beast because it looked kinda neglected, just sitting there with its flyer taped to the whiteboard and everyone crowding around the other legends and ignoring it. This choice represents me because I can turn into an unstoppable beast with a thirst for human blood if someone steals my food.
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