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Issue 18 - 17th January 2020

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The Sound of Music - by Mr Luke Chaeter

As we move through January with great haste, I would like to firstly feedback on my recent visit to the Search Associates Recruitment Fair in Bangkok. Mr Gatley and myself attended, and it was clear to see from the outset that TES is building a very strong reputation internationally. It was a perfect opportunity to share with the international community the opportunities that we are creating for our students, which in turn created great interest from teachers aspiring to join our team. This also sparked interest from other schools who would like to strengthen relationships with us so that we can share good practice, further driving improvement, creating the best possible environment for all of our children.

This week we have been joined by Miss Emma Burt who has been working with all our students to support singing across the entirety of TES. Emma has worked with the likes of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Dionne Warwick, and will also be performing at our Vocal Concert at 4.30pm tonight in our Amphitheatre. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time at TES, and both students and staff have fully embraced the power of song!

Also, our Chinese department has been working with our children, with all attending a Traditional Chinese Market which has taken place throughout the week in the Atrium. I would like to personally thank them for all their hard work in making this a great experience for the children. Further, the Chinese teaching team have been engaged in further professional training as we have, and will over the weekend, continue to host a 'Job Alike Workshop' with teachers from across Asia sharing good practice in Chinese learning, further strengthening our program!

Finally, I would like to wish you all a restful weekend, and look forward to welcoming you back on Monday.

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

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2020 Chinese New Year Market - by Ms Yun-Yeh Tsai

Chinese New Year market is a type of fair held annually here at the EPC, a few days before the Lunar New Year. When all streets and lanes are decorated with vibrant red lanterns and colorful lights, we know the Lunar New Year is approaching. The most famous one is Di-Hua Street in Taipei.

The Chinese Language and Culture team exposed our students to aspects of traditional Chinese culture. All CLC the teachers arranged various stalls. They included: Chinese calligraphy; creative red envelope making; chopsticks games, play with traditional Chinese toys and tasting tang yuan (a traditional sweet) and winter melon tea. We also had special guests from Year 7. These students arranged Chinese tongue twisters and taught New Year blessings in Chinese. All children enjoyed this experience tremendously and said they looked forward to it again next year.

On behalf of the Chinese team, we wish you good fortune at Chinese New Year. We hope the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity. Happy Year of The Rat!

Children Singing with the Vocal Practitioner - by Ms Edith Kao

This week, we have invited the UK vocal practitioner, Emma Burt, to coach our children with some musical pieces. Throughout the week of working with our students from Yr 1 - HS across the three sections, we have put together a beautiful singing concert this Friday. As a special treat, Ms. Emma will sing some solo pieces and some songs from the musical threatre with our school choirs together.

Emma graduated from the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts, London, in 1994 where she studied Musical Theatre and Dance. Her career began working in the West End, London with Andrew Lloyd Webber's Company, The Really Useful Group. Emma is honoured to have been invited to TES and hopes this experience will give her the confidence to continue her passion for music and teaching!

Inaugural E-JAWS at BPS - by Mr Craig Gamble

Monday morning saw BPS hosting the inaugural electronic Job-A-Like Workshop (JAWS) for FOBISIA. Normally staff travel to the host school to engage in professional development activities and professional discussion around a central theme. BPS were successful in bidding to host a FOBISIA JAWS event around the use of electronic portfolios in schools and, to emphasise the electronic aspect, decided to host the event via a web conferencing platform called Zoom.

Fourteen colleagues from seven schools across the region registered for the event and spent the morning discussing how they each use electronic portfolios such as Seesaw, Tapestry, Sesame and others to support their student's learning.

The conversations were engaging and each delegate took something away from the event that they would use to enhance the use of e-portfolios in their own school.

The event was organised and chaired by our own Mr Gamble who presented our Seesaw journey to the delegates, he was joined by Mr Stallwood and Mr Cheung. The head of Professional Development for all FOBISIA schools even joined in the conversations, as this format was a first for FOBISIA and our IT support team made sure the technology performed flawlessly.

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Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter

After School Supervision

Please be advised that if your children are using the playground area after school, they must be supervised. Equipment in the activity storage areas are not to be used, this is only for play and lunchtimes.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

On Wednesday 22nd January, children are encouraged to wear traditional Chinese New Year clothing or something red to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Influenza Type A and B cases

Regarding Influenza Type A and B, there continues to be a few cases reported recently. The children concerned have been to the doctor and are resting at home.

We are advising parents to pay attention to this with their children in order that, should they have flu-like symptoms, they are referred to their local doctor and take the appropriate rest and medicine required to ensure the child’s swift recovery. Also, by parents being alert to this it will prevent this illness from being passed to other students in the school.

If a doctor confirms your child has either strain of Influenza, you must inform the school of this condition and the child must not return to school for at least one week from initial diagnosis.

You will find the information below useful (as per the TES website “Disease information pdf”) and we will keep you informed of any developments.

Influenza https://www.cdc.gov/flu/index.htm

Influenza (flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It is an acute viral infection that spreads easily from person to person in any age group and that can cause serious complications in certain risk groups.

In addition to seasonal epidemics, influenza pandemics can occur when a new influenza virus subtype emerges or when an animal influenza virus begins to spread among humans.


The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year.

The teaching staff has been made aware of this situation and will be asking students to be extra careful to wash their hands regularly as well as paying special attention to the general health situation of the children in their care.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents for their continuing cooperation and understanding in this matter.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding this issue please do not hesitate to contact the school nurses.

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