Gilded Age

By: Merica Beighley


A trust is a group of corporations that unite in order to reduce competition, and control prices in a business or an industry.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Bell made the invention of the first telephone in 1876, his reason is because his mom and wife were deaf and his dad worked at a hearing place. So he was interested in hearing. He wanted to see if you could hear someone from another place. So it took long but he finally invented it.

Child Labor

During the 'Gilded Age' America used children as a mean of cheap labor, in factories, farms, and dangerous work places. They had the children do it because they were smaller and could fit in places the men couldn't. They worked for long hours and low pay. Some of them got seriously injured or killed.

Effect on Native Americans

When the transcontinental railroad was being built they came across the Native American territory and needed to use their land. But the Native Americans didn't want to move, so the builders and people on the train started to try and make them leave. Their first thing that they did was try to kill their main food source, buffalo. That caused a lot of fights and some Native Americans to leave. They eventually got the land.