Sara Johnson

What is an Electromagnet, and How Does it Work?

An Electromagnet is a form of magnet in which the magnetic field is created by electric current. It usually consists of a conductive copper wire, which gets wrapped around a piece of metal. Once it has a current, it creates a magnetic field around the wire. This magnetizes the metal, making it seem like the two objects are stuck together.

Who Invented the Electromagnet, and How?

William Sturgeon, a British scientist, invented the Electromagnet in 1824. He did this by wrapping a horseshoe shaped piece of Iron about 18 times in plain copper wire. When he conducted the rest of his experiment, he found that the Iron was magnetized when the current surged through the wire, and vice versa. Sturgeon couldn't seem to perfect it, but in 1827, Joseph Henry perfected the Electromagnet.

3 Ways We See Electromagnets Everyday

1. At a rock concert. Bands use electromagnets to amplify the sound in their speakers.

2.Headphones. Its basically used the same way as speakers at a concert.

3. A Doorbell. A small electromagnet pulls a metal clapper against a bell.

Electromagnets - How can electricity create a magnet?