Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie



"Lee strolled toward us, wearing a black T-shirt with two words printed on it in large red letters: FREAKY B***H." She knows people think she is weird but she doesn't want to change for them. She knew she would get in trouble for the shirt but she wanted to show everybody that they didn't hurt her
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To my surprise,Lee smiled. "just a bunch of words," she said. "Thats the point. Its a meta-statement. Words about words. Get it?" "Its still crap," I said without any anger in my voice. "Ninety percent of everything is crap." She patted the sign. "And I'll bet, despite the fact that you're one of the few people in this school who actually care about knowledge for its own sake, you can't tell me where that quote comes from." Lee can think of the most clever things, even if they don't quite make sense, its still clever. She explains things in a way that should make sense to you because you know she's right but you're still standing there with your mouth open catching flies, because you're still trying to make sense of it.


It was only the beginning of October, but when the new girl walked into homeroom, I thought she was made up for Halloween. She'd chopped her hair short and dyed it green. I guess she did it herself. I can't imagine paying anyone for a haircut like that. And she'd stuck pins in her face, Not just earrings or nose rings, though she had plenty of those. She also had studs and barbells and other stuff I don't even know the names of. There was a safety pin jammed through her left eyebrow, and another under her lip. She was wearing a black T-shirt for some band I'd never heard of. It showed a girl crying blood. The girl was clutching a headless teddy bear. Naturally, the bears neck was pretty moist. Lee is confident in herself and she is not afraid to be different. She doesn't care what people think of her.
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When Mouth had attempted to hang himself, Scott was worried he had something to do with it and he wondered if he could have done something to help prevent it. Lee told Scott he was always nice to Mouth when no one else was.
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There isn't exact evidence where it shows Lee being an interesting person. I'm not even sure interesting is the correct word. She is interesting in a way because she is not afraid to be herself. She knows that people think she is kind of weird, but she continues to be who she is because she is not ashamed. She even asked Scott if she could have the guilllotine from the play, and she puts pins in her face and she colored her hair green.