North Scituate Elementary School

March 2021 Newsletter

A note from Mrs. Soccio

Happy March! February was a very busy month of celebrating the 100th day of school, vacation, a reading challenge and Valentine's Day. Our sock collection prior to February vacation was a huge success. We collected a total of 776 pairs of socks for our socks drive that will be donated to a homeless shelter! We are looking forward to our Kids' Heart Challenge and Read Across America Week this month.

Huge thank you to families who have been completing the Daily Attestation Form by 8:35am. It is crucial that each form is filled out the morning of that day and prior to your child arriving at school to ensure the safety of all students. See button below for easy access to the form. Reach out to Mrs. McCann at or 647-4110 with any questions.

The gate at the top of the hill on Institute lane will be open in the morning for drop off. Huge thank you to Chief Rollinson and Scituate Public Works for getting the snow cleared promptly. Please do not turn around at the top of the hill and drive back towards the school. This causes congestion and safety concerns for students, families, and staff. Please adhere to all speed limits as you continue on Institute Lane into the neighborhood. It is crucial we are respectful of our neighbors and students who walk to school.

It will soon be time to begin planning for the 2021-2022 school year! We will be discussing classroom placement, and the faculty, staff and I will spend time considering each student's strengths and needs. The focus will be on ensuring balanced classrooms that are conducive to an optimal teaching and learning environment. Academic performance, learning styles, social and emotional growth, and a variety of other factors will be considered. If there are any special considerations about your child that you would like to make sure we take into account throughout this process, please do so in writing no later than May1st. Due to fluctuating enrollment, classroom consolidation and/or additions, placement adjustments may occur prior to the start of school.

Please reach out with questions or concerns at any time.

Kaitlin M. Soccio, Principal

Virtual BINGO by PTO

Huge thank you to our PTO for organizing a virtual BINGO for our students over February vacation. Students were given two playing cards and instructions were sent home ahead of time, Zoom links were sent to families, and smiling faces came to play. Thank you to our families and siblings who supported each other during this event to make it a success. BINGO was played in grade level bands from 5-8pm. Winners received a gift card to Moose Trackers Ice Cream & Confections in town. We look forward to hosting this event again, especially when we can do it in person.
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Kids Heart Challenge Gr. 3-5

SAVE THE DATE! Mr. Ceprano’s - Kids Heart Challenge program will take place during PE classes for grades 3-5 the week of March 15-19. Now more than ever, we want every student and every family to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, and that can start by taking one of the American Heart Association’s Family Heart-Healthy Challenges!!

Please click on our Kids Heart Challenge link below to get started. We challenge YOU to sign up online today and Choose Water over sugary drinks, Move More and Be Kind! Once you set up your child’s webpage, scroll down to Family Heart-Healthy Challenge and select your Challenge. You may choose more than one! It’s fun and easy, and just for registering, you receive a free Heart Hero wristband!!

Click on our registration link to get started: North Scituate Elementary - KHC Registration

Thank you for being a Heart Hero!

SurveyWorks 2021

  • The SurveyWorks window closes on March 31st! If you haven't already, there is still time! To take the survey, visit:
  • Don't miss out on an opportunity to share your honest feedback about our school.
  • We appreciate your participation in our efforts to improve our school.

School Improvement Team Members Welcome

The School Improvement Team (SIT) has been reorganized state-wide as part of the recently adopted Educational Accountability Act. The SIT members will play an important role in helping make decisions for our school (i.e. budget, educational goals, etc.). The new changes/protocols must be in place by next school year. This year will serve as a transition.

Please email me ( directly if you are interested in serving on this important committee. Meetings will take place no less than quarterly.

100 Days of School

Students in Kindergarten dressed up as if they were 100 years old today. Boy, did this make many laugh! Students in first grade created a display using 100 of something. I enjoyed viewing each student's creative project. These were displayed outside the classrooms so students in other grades could view throughout the day.
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School Spelling Bee

We are very proud of our North Scituate Stars who represented our school in the District Spelling Bee, Fallon Green (gr. 5) and Jackson Branch (gr. 4).

Congratulations to our district Spelling Bee Winner and North Scituate Alum, Daniel Piampiano. Our district runner up is, Lea Aquino. Well done to all finalists who represented their school proudly.

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Positive Office Referrals

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February Reading Challenge

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A group of students are working with Ms.DeGuilio on letter identification. Students are ready with their fly swatters to quickly swat the letter that their teacher calls. Students became more fluent as the game went on. What a great way to practice learning in a fun way!
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Grade 1

Students in Ms. Caldarone's wrapped up their Animal Research Unit a few weeks ago. Below students are proudly showing their completed informational reports on a selected animal. Students took turns sharing their reports with their peers.
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Grade 2

Averie and Phoenix shared their sports fiction stories with their class. Each student worked hard to create their own story and presented it to the class on their Clevertouch. Students in second grade read up a storm this month as part of our February Reading Challenge. Some pictures are shown in a few sections above and below.
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Grade 3

Grade 3 students read "I am Love" A Book of Compassion before break. In a follow up activity, students created compliment jars in shared Google Slides as Valentines for each other. This was a great Social Emotional Learning lesson! Well done Mrs. DiLuglio and Mrs. Caldarone.
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Grade 4

Grade 4 Super Sleuths are investigating setting by reading and writing about it. Part of writing your own mystery narrative is creating the setting in which it takes place. An intriguing setting creates that tone for an unfolding mystery!
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Grade 5

The students in 5K are seen lost in their books and eager to discuss the next chapter with one another as they sit with their fellow classmates during book club.
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Art with Ms.Davis

Fifth grade student, Gabriella DeFusco's Artwork was published in the Trinity Rep Magazine. Her artwork is number 4. The prompt was "What does Theater mean to you?" and Gabby responded with: My favorite part of the theater is when the curtains open and the lights turn on. It's so exciting!" Well done, Gabby! In the next picture, Kindergarteners are creating artist Jim Dine inspired hearts with oil pastels, K's Watercolor recreations of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, and Mrs. Scucces' 4th grade class working with model magic in their project based learning haunted house floor plans.

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A Message from the School Psychologist

Self-Control Skills for Children

Self-control is a skill that enables the child to suppress undesirable, inappropriate behaviors and act in socially acceptable ways. It enables him or her to decide how to act and to choose a good course of action. Children are not born with self-control-it is a learned skill. They learn more effectively through direct teaching along with the use of rewards and consequences. They need consistent teaching from parents on handling frustration. This teaching will help them to control their reactions and substitute more effective responses. Helping your child stay in control is not always easy especially when they are feeling angry, frustrated or hurt. Try teaching your child to do the following when he or she is angry.

  • Relax-Teach your child to take a deep breath and think about what is making them mad. Deep breathing and reflection can be ways to help your child calm down.

  • Talk- Ask your child to use words to express how he or she is feeling. This will encourage your child to work through the problem.

  • Think- Ask your child to think about different ways he or she can make the feelings of anger go away. Some suggestions are; take a walk, draw, or find a solution to the problem that made them angry.

Try taking these steps with your family:

  1. When your child is struggling with self-control, use it as an opportunity to teach them what they can do to regain control.

  2. Working with others can sometimes be frustrating. Teach your child what to do if he or she is having trouble working with others.

  3. Remind children that the more they practice self-control the better they will be at controlling themselves. Parents can be a good teacher by modeling appropropriate self-control in front of their children.

Mrs. Schiappa MA, CAGS

School Psychologist

PTO 2021 Fundraiser

Next Virtual PTO Meeting: Wednesday March 17th @ 7:30

Thank you to all families who sold tickets for our calendar raffle. With your help we raised approximately $6500! Winners will be announced and posted on our Facebook page. We will also reach out to winners directly.

Congratulations to Mrs Murphy’s class for raising $1380! They will be enjoying a class pizza party!

Great job to all students who sold at least 5 tickets! Water bottles are on order and will be distributed as soon as we receive them.

Virtual bingo in February was a success! We had a great turnout and lots of winners!

Scituate School Committee

The Scituate School Committee will meet on March 2nd! All members of the school community are encouraged to attend virtually. All meetings begin at 7 p.m. Click here for the live meeting link.

Important Dates

  • March 1st-5th: Read Across America Week
  • March 15th: Distance Learning Day/PD Day for Staff
  • March 23rd: Trimester 2 ends
  • March 23rd- June 25th: Trimester 3
  • April 2nd: No School- Good Friday!
  • April 19th-23rd: No School-April Vacation