Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Five-stage model includes:

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Biological and Physiological needs

For the first stage you need; Air, Food, Drink, Shelter, Warmth, Sex, and Sleep.
To be able to move on you must accomplish these things.

Safety Needs

To accomplish the second need of Maslow's Hierarchy you would need: Protection from Elements, Security, Order, Law, Stability, and Freedom from Fear.

Love and Belonging Needs

Friendship, Intimacy, Affection and Love - from not only romantic relationships but work groups and family friends.

Esteem Needs

Achievement, Mastery, Independence, Statues, Dominance, Prestige, Self Respect, and Respect for others. Most people stay around this level on the Needs Chart.

Self Actualization Needs

Realizing personal potential and etc, this is rarely achieved but when it is hard to stay on. many people are on and off of this level.