Mount Saint Agnes Comings & Goings

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Sister Claire Ashe

There will be a Mass for Sister Clare Ashe at 12:10 PM at St. Theresa’s Cathedral on Friday, February 19th. A special prayer service for Sister Clare Ashe will be held at Caritas on Tuesday, February 23rd at 5:45 PM.

Upcoming Events


  • Monday 8th - 12th: SCHOOL BREAK
  • Monday 15th - school resumes
  • Friday 19th - Non-uniform day for Bermuda Heart Association; $2 donation
  • Saturday 20th - Grade 12 Bake Sale/Car Wash at MSA from 11am - 5pm; Bake Sale at Lindo's Devonshire 11am - 5pm...proceeds for the Prom.
  • Tuesday 23rd - Grade 12 Parent Meeting at 5:30 pm - Senior Lunch Room
  • Wednesday 24th - Elementary Parent Interviews 3:30 pm- 5 pm; Middle School Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews 4 pm - 6:30 pm - No High School interviews. - Auditorium
  • Thursday 25th - Elementary Parent Interviews 3:30 pm - 5 pm; Middle School - Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews 4 pm - 6:30 pm - No High School interviews - Auditorium
  • Friday 26th - Bermuda Day at MSA. To show support for the Love Bermuda Campaign, students are asked to show their love of our Island by wearing PINK and enjoying summer fun in February.

School Notices



DoE Bronze Expedition Saturday, March 5th and Sunday, March 6th

DoE Silver Expedition Friday, March 4th - Sunday, March 6th


CLASSROOM SUPPLIES - Elementary teachers are looking for any old Blue Bunny ice cream tubs to use for various purposes. If you have any please consider sending them into the office.

Science Supplies Needed

If you have any empty wrapping paper tubes please send them into the office in preparation for the Science Olympics being held on March 19th.

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Digital Dilemma

How can I make sure my kid isn't sharing too much on Facebook or Instagram?

Take a two-pronged approach. First, probe a bit to find out if your kids might be at risk for oversharing. Reserve judgment until you've heard your kids out; a heavy-handed approach can lead to them shutting you out. Ask about what types of things they and their friends share. Make sure they're not feeling pressured to post things they're uncomfortable with. And discuss the risks of oversharing, which include damage to one's reputation and regrets about sharing personal information.

Second, check in about privacy settings. Kids don't always think through the consequences of their actions. That's when privacy settings really matter. Even if kids do think before they post, if their privacy settings aren't enabled (or aren't strict) they may be sharing more than they mean to.

What are the best privacy settings for my computer and smartphone?

The place to go to protect your computer against privacy invasion is your web browser. When you go online, websites install cookies on your computer that track your movements. Some cookies can be beneficial, such as those that remember your login names or items in your online shopping cart. But some cookies are designed to remember everything you do online, build a profile of your personal information and habits, and sell that information to advertisers and other companies. (Check out these kid Web browsers.)

Take a look at the privacy settings offered in your browser (usually found in the Tools menu) to see whether you can fine-tune them to keep the good and block the bad.

Privacy settings on smartphones vary, but you can tighten up privacy with these precautions:

Turn off location services. That prevents apps from tracking your location.

Don't let apps share data. Some apps want to use information stored on your phone (your contact list, for example). Say no.

Enable privacy settings on apps you download. Make sure your teens are using strict privacy settings on services such as Instagram and Facebook.

Be careful with social logins. When you log onto a site with your Facebook or Google username and password, you may be allowing that app to access certain information from your profile. Read the fine print to know what you're sharing.


Outside Events



If you're in high school and want to have an amazing weekend, come join Edge Bermuda Youth Group on a Catholic camping trip held on Saturday, Feb 20-21 on Grace Island.

This 2 day retreat will be filled with fun, fellowship, faith and a few surprises. To register, please go to

Price is $50 per student and space is limited, so sign up today! For more information, contact

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Uniform Shop Hours


Thursday 18th: 8:15am - 9:15am

Tuesday 23rd: 12:30pm - 1:30pm