Lip Augmentation

By:Miriam & Addie Dorsett

What is Lip Augmentation?

-cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips.

- during surgery an injectable dermal filler is injected to your lips and around your mouth.

Why would people want lip Augmentation?

- to make lips look better

- if you have small lips, you can make them look bigger

- Aging

- thin lips

Health Requirements to get a Lip Augmentation

-You must be in general health overall.

Length of surgery & expected recovery time?

- the procedure takes about 30 minutes

- recovery can take up to 2 weeks after surgery

- you cant drive during the first couple days after the surgery.

- wont be able to exercise for the first few days

- take off a few days of work

what to expect the day of surgery?

these effects may last about a week:

- swelling

- bruising

- discomfort

- pain

Expected health benefits of lip augmentation*

- they can be modified over time

- provide a permanent solution

- quick recovery time

- helps self-esteem

Complications of surgery

- you have to get injections every few months

- lip asymmetry is possible

- removal is difficult

- allergies

Rehabilitation needed afterwards

- follow-up appointments

- beware of what you eat